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Suppose I'm a rigger, and I'm running my persona on my RCC, but I'm also a decker, so I slave my deck to my RCC. Can I use the deck's Attack and Sleaze attributes and run cyberprograms on it in addition to those running on my RCC?

Suppose I'm a decker, and I'm running my persona on my deck, but I'm also a rigger, so I slave my RCC to my deck. Can I use the RCC's Noise Reduction and Sharing and run cyberprograms on it in addition to those running on my deck?
Let me see if I can stir up some speculation on these topics.

On page 268, it talks about a security spider slaving his RCC to a host in order to control the drones that are also slaved to that host. What is not clear is whether the rigger is running his persona on the host or his RCC, and whether or not Noise Reduction / Sharing apply, given that the drones are slaved to the host and not the RCC. If you can't make use of the RCCs Noise Reduction / Sharing, then use the RCC at all seems kinda pointless; just jack into the host directly. But, maybe that's not possible. Since hosts are supposed to be "made up of the stuff of the Matrix" and don't have a physical location, maybe you can't use them to run your persona. In that case, the RCC has to run his persona, but he'd still get the defensive benefit of slaving it to the host.

If slaving an RCC to a host can be done, it seems natural that you could slave an RCC and some drones to a deck in the same fashion. You wouldn't get the distance=0 benefit that a spider gets, but you'd get Attack and Sleaze which are pretty nice to have.

I am less sure about slaving a deck to an RCC. I have this mental image of a rigger's icon putting on a power-glove in the Matrix which shoots lightning and emits a cloaking field, so the idea kinda appeals to me from a fluff standpoint. Plus it's much cheaper to get an RCC or a regular commlink with a high device rating, so there would be a mechanical benefit.

Complicating this is the master-slave thing. Must there be only one master on a PAN/WAN, or can devices be daisy chained together (e.g. drones slaved to RCC slaved to deck)? I can't tell from reading the rules. I see the logic of Jaid's point from the other thread that having a limit on slaved devices is kinda pointless if you can daisy chain them. On the other hand, decks don't seem to have device ratings high enough to protect an entire team's worth of devices if daisy chaining is not allowed.

So, anybody got any thoughts on these questions?
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