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Full Version: Question on bow rules
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It seems that 4A Core doesnt say what it takes to fire a bow, a simple or complex, anyone know, or did I miss it?

So in order to use a bow you need a simple action to notch it, you also need an action to draw it out or is that considered part of notching it? Plus you need another SA or Complex to fire it.
You didn't miss anything. It just isn't there.

SR5, which uses a very similar rules set states that firing a bow is a Standard Action and that nocking an arrow is a Reload action. Easy enough to say the same for SR4 as well.
Another question

Material science limits high-tech bows to a maximum Strength rating of 8

So if a bow has a +2 to str, is it now 10 or is totally capped at 8?
basic math says ten, but considering these are SR Rules we are talking about, that does not mean much . .
That's the Strength rating of the bow itself, which is capped at 8 in the latest printing of SR4a I'm aware of (earlier printings said 12). The Str+2 is the damage that the bow deals on a shot, assuming that you're also using a Rating 8 arrow to get the most of the bow.
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