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So... This seems to imply to me that all comlinks have the ability to connect via satellite now...?

If so, I like the thought of that.
1) It implies that the matrix is finally, truly global.
2) Satellite phone technology is now standard technology; something that seems reasonable given another 60 years of advancement.
A truly frightening concept.
you can still buy a satellite uplink. it caps noise due to distance at -5 iirc.

a standard commlink can go beyond that, so no... not standard.
Wow... I feel silly now, having missed that.
Basically, yeah. You can connect to the Matrix almost anywhere, the trouble is that noise may make it virtually iompossible to do anything. but you CAN connect. smile.gif
Why does the text for the Satellite Communication Link say it helps you connect in places with no matrix infrastructure, but the rules mechanics have no effect on static zones?
Satellite link: This allows the user to uplink to communication satellites in low-Earth orbit, connecting to the Matrix from places where no local wireless networks exist (which is rare but unfortunately extant). This link limits Noise due to distance to 5. Includes a portable satellite dish.

I'm in the middle of death valley and have a Static Zone penalty of 5 (p231: "Remote place with satellite access only") and I'm trying to connect to a Host system. The satellite dish apparently does nothing to alleviate my noise penalty. My Deck running signal scrubber is at noise 3 both with and without the dish.

Let's say there happens to be nothing within 100 miles of me (over 100 km) and I'm attempting to call for help. (It is death valley, that's very possible)
5 static zone + 8 distance noise - 2 signal scrub - 1 datajack = 10 noise, higher than rating 6 cyberdeck. I'm not getting a signal.
5 static zone + 5 distance noise cap for satellite link - 2 signal scrub - 1 datajack = 7 noise, higher than a rating 6 cyberdeck. I'm not getting a signal.

So oddly, I can connect to a host system with a minor noise penalty of 3 (no distance noise on host systems) with or without the satellite link, but my attempts to call a physical thing are impossible even with the link's help in reducing the noise for distance.

How exactly does this dish help me connect in isolated places again? It provides a slight benefit for long range connections beyond 100 km, but it actually works better in civilized areas and provides no benefit to being in isolated areas because it does nothing for static or spam zones.
Well damn. Looks like this is one for the errata. In the meantime, I'd houserule that it's total noise due to distance is a maximum of -5, negates the static zone penalty when in remote areas, but cannot function without a clear line of sight to the satellites in question. (Basically, doesn't work in a building or cave).
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