it seems like the "wireless bonuses suck" thread is mainly devoted to tacnets, so thought this would be better as a separate thread. while i'm surprisingly ok with wireless smartguns as is, i can't help but think there was a better way to handle them that's already in the rules. specifically, it seems like smartguns are really a variant of sensor targeting.

what a smartgun kind of boils down to is a laser rangefinder sensor and a targeting computer, which should qualify it for use with the sensor targeting rules. depending on whether or not you like the wireless smartgun as is or not, you could handle this one of two ways.

1) getting the smartgun bonus requires a "lock on" simple action, though probably not the whole perception+intuition roll with sensor targeting. basically, it's a take aim to paint your target. however, if you run wireless, your smartgun can incorporate sensor fusion from tracking surrounding wireless signals, other sensors, etc., making this lock-on a free action since your gun already has some picture of the tactical situation.

2) in addition to or instead of 1) or in addition to the standard smartgun rules, you should be able to use sensor targeting as written with a smartgun. you can already do this with smartguns on vehicle-mounted weapons, so i don't see why you shouldn't be able to do this if you're connected with a sensor array on your person, a drone or vehicle as well just because your smartgun is hand-held. hell, you could put sensors in an imaging scope and have a rating 3 system right on your gun. at least i would think that should work.

thoughts? also, has shadowrun ever had laser sensors? it seems like those would be pretty ubiquitous, as that basically says "you are being targeted by a smartgun, please duck now" if it goes off. also, is there any reason you can't switch your smartgun to use ultrasound or some other scanning modality for range finding if you wanted to? say, said laser sensors or invisible opponents?