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Full Version: Question concerning Chemistry Skill
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Is it possible to change the vector on a drug using the chemistry skill?

Eg. Change the vector on Novacoke to a contact vector?

Or, would it be just as easy to design a new drug with contact vector and Novacoke properties?

Add the novacoke to a DMSO cocktail from Arsenal, pg 82

DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide is a utility chemical with a number
of applications, though its most common use is as a carrier that
forces the skin to absorb delivered chemicals. DMSO is soluble in
acetone, alcohol, ether, and water; upon contact with the skin the
DMSO, along with whatever other compound is dissolved in solution
with it, is instantly absorbed into the body. Any compound
mixed with a dose of DMSO is deployable via the Contact vector
(see p. 254, SR4).
No relation to the actual chemical.
Which melts at 18 Celsius, so freezes at room temperature if you don't watch out.
Also, if something has to be absorbed by the skin, the molecules have to be small enough for that to happen.
If you break a molecule too big to be absorbed down to where it can be absorbed, it is not the molecule it was anymore, so it won't have the same chemical or toxicological effect you want it to have either . . so technically, everything applied like that should lose all effects.
but as per rules, mix it with ghoul purree and you can spray a whole metroplex into asamondo II.
or mix it with k-10 and get the 28 Days later version.
or mix it with the barrier foam and you can inject people with concrete basically.

it's best to not think about this kind of stuff too hard, really ^^
Thanks guys, my plan was to use Novacoke in a cocktail for an Ares S3 Super Squirt, but when I read the DMSO in sr5 book for some reason I was thinking that the chemical I mixed with DMSO needed to be a contact vector, and not became a contact vector upon mixing. Also, is there a max number of doses of Novacoke I can fire with one attack of the (AS3) Ares S3 Super Squirt?

Thanks again.
Actually it does pretty much work as it's RL version.

The melting point is not a real problem as you melt it and dissolve into water, with Water having two hydrogen atoms and DMSO having six hydrogen atoms these act like magnets to dissolve and basically latch onto large quantities of complex organic molecules without binding with them or changing their structures and not ruining their effects.

It also affects cell membrane permeability allowing it to pull substances through cell membranes that ordinarily would not move through them. This is how it basically carries the compounds with it through the skin making it a contact vector.

Needless to say wear thick rubber or nilprene gloves when working with this.

A good way to tell if DMSO has been used on you fairly recently is if you notice your breath has picked up a garlic like or burnt almond smell as that is the DMSO having passed through the bloodstream and excreted out through the lungs.
Technically, one attack==1 dose.
Is one gel pack = to one attack? If so, then is it not possible to mix multiple drugs, novacoke, jazz, etc into one gel pack? I am really just looking at OD'ing someone in one shot if that's possible.
Use 2 guns?
2xsuccessfull attack == 2x Drug administered.
That is a very good point, its not like I have to worry about a recoil modifier. The AS3 bypasses armor completely correct? So, if I hit them, they just roll vs 14DV Stun.
Also, with dual weapons, do dual smartlinks stack?
No, dual Smartlink does NOT Stack.
If you shoot them both at once.
For whatever reason.
If you shoot them both one after the other, it works.
And yes, cherm-tech ignores armor, aside from chem-sealant stuff applied to armor.
And is then only resisted by natural body plus one or two specialized items.
A couple more quick question concerning this as well. So, if they take 14DV in round 1 from 2 shots, in round 2 would they take 28DV from 2 more shots?

P415. SR5

"... you take Stun damage with a DV equal to the sum of the Addiction Ratings of the overlapping drugs, resisted with Body + Willpower."

Also, wouldnt they need to make some impressive addiction tests to not become addicted to novacoke?
if the damage from drugs stacks 1:1, yeah, that's correct.
no idea wether or not that is the case though . .
Thanks again for all of your help. I was just trying to solidify my character. I plan on playing a Mystic Adept Street Doc/Drug Maker. Lugging around a bunch of first aid kits, tossing out a few imp reflexes, shooting a few people with drugs (hoping they get addicted), and occasionally selling drugs that I make to dealers, etc.
Somewhat related, any thoughts of using Chemistry to create drugs/toxins from scratch? Been catching up on Breaking Bad and would love to make a Walter White type of character.

(Nevermind, reading Arsenal's rules now. Guess I'll have to wait for it in 5th ed)
@○Repulse: a bit more expensive, but way more effective:
SPLASH-Grenades. With DMSO. And a Drug of your choice.

to my knowledge, there are no rules for creating your own drugs or chemicals from scratch.
you could take a look at the alchemy stuff in SR5 maybe?
Any idea the dosage a splash grenade would hit a single target for, how many doses would I fill it with, and I assumed that the price to create a drug, en masses would be about 50% of the drug costs in the chart on P.411 modified by a Chemical + Logic test.
One Grenade is one Dose.
But you can throw more than one.
And you can hit more People with it.
And you get such things as FreezeFoam-Grenades.
And Slip-Spray-Grenades. Which are oodles of fun!
At first I was thinking about using standard gas grenades with novacoke in a suspension media (for a lingering affect similar to tear gas), but I ruled that out due to possible/probable friendly fire. If the grenade was multiple doses, it would peak my interest a bit more. With scatter, etc the last thing I want to do is give a whole team of gangers a boost, and miss with a second grenade wink.gif
Fully-Automatic Mini-Grenade-Launcher *snickers*
"The Super Squirt uses Light Pistol ranges and can accept top- and underbarrel-mounted accessories." Does that mean I can use an underbarrel grenade launcher? wink.gif
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