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Full Version: Pueblo Corporate Council & Aztlan
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I am looking to prepare for a new game & I want to locate it in my general location as I know it better than other areas, Can anyone direct me to any source material for the PCC & Aztlan territories.
As far as main sources go:

Pueblo Corporate Council: Native American Nations Volume One (old), Shadows of North America (3rd ed. but most comprehensive and still relatively recent source, also has info on Ute Nation, which now belongs to PCC), Sixth World Almanac (2 page summary with some updates for 4th ed.), Corporate Enclaves (info on the Californian portion of PCC)

Aztlan: Aztlan (best source, but from 2nd ed), Sixth World Almanac (4 page summary with updates for 4th ed.)

Or did you mean other forms of source material?
The Horizon adventure series has information on Horizon, which is based out of LA, which is now part of the PCC, and includes a dip into the Mojave Desert and Las Vegas. Dirty Tricks details soem recent political bits between the PCC and Aztlan (And how this effects the CAS), which goes up a notch in Storm Front.
just general source material about the areas of the PCC & some parts of Aztlan, I live in Arizona, so that areas has particular value to me since I know the area a bit better.
QUOTE (Dolanar @ Aug 17 2013, 06:04 PM) *
just general source material
I have to ask again, you mean general non-Shadowrun source material? If not the sources I listed are all location descriptions for the two countries. The follow-up book to Horizon adventure series, The Twilight Horizon, has a description of Las Vegas.
no I am looking for Shadowrun Canon material, I'm sorry, my mistake, ideally, I'd like a bit more info such as common go-gangs in the area, any well known company sites located in the territories etc. though I realize that material may not be available.
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