I introduced some old and new players do Shadowrun. I decided to use 3ed rules (5th edition wasnt released yet when we started the campagin and I'm still reading it), and in order to make them "feel" the world I introduced them with few very simple adventures where they started their first runs.
At some point I also adapted the MERCURIAL module to 3ed edition and had them play it.
After some more adventures they got a chance at a BIG mission, so BIG that the Johnson, now a contact for many of them, promised around 200k Y per person for a very, very long operation.

The team had to relocate in Tunis, now known as "New Carthago", where currently there are being some terrorist disorders from a group that calls themself "Dido's vestals" and the political party of the city, that is a puppet regime under the power of the Baal's church (an old Fenician god).
The "Dido's vestals" contribuited indirectly to the ascension of the current politic leader of Carthago due to a terrorist act that caused a mysterious crush of a civilian flight some years ago.
What the team is paid for is to locate where the "Dido's vestals" are hiding an ancient sword that is said to have been the sword of Annhibal himself, with the hint that this item might be either a powerful artifact or just an old sword with a big Y tag on it.

So, the team got into the city without much troubles, they bought a safehouse and started gathering information in various directions.

Looks like Dido's vestals recruit new people mainly through the matrix, and that they're very religious believers, supporting Tanit, the goddess of Carthago (the city) and spose of Baal.

They also found that this group finances themself through illegal importing through the sea.

They also found that apparently one of their mainbase is an old destroyer class vessel with wich they do piracy in the southern mediterraen sea.

Someone said them that the boss of this organization is kinda venerated like a Goddess herself and she pretends to be the same Dido from ancient history (Carthago Queen Dido).


Thanks to some Matrix actions, the PCs founds where a new group of acolite was called to be recruited in the sect. It was just a nightclub in the chinatown. With a very good "shadowplay" the team was able to infiltrate two members inside the organization, that after some initiation speeches and another appointment near an old abandonen temple. There the new initiaten were invited to board some motorboats, with which they reached the afermentioned destroyer ship. In the meantime the other members of the time was following by long distance the motorboats with their own rigged-motorboat, but when the 2 infiltrated members boarded the DD-ship they decided it was wise to go back and leave the job to the two members.

During the permanence in the ship, the new acolytes (with the 2 PCs) were basically being indoctrinated with annoying propoaganda videos, religious speech and such for few days. Of the two characters, one (the elf) was able to convince the priest that he was ready to the real initiation, and so him, alongside an NPC that was ready too, were reloacted outside the "DD-campship" toward a new location.

The PCs with a protected radio-channel did send the GPS location to the other PCs, that immediately boarded their motorboat to reach him for help.

The new "secret" location was a small island that had just a single big estate on it. There, with a classical ancient roman architecture he was received by Dido herself and few high-priest of the sect, and he was "questioned" about his motivations and such. There was something "odd" about this Dido woman, her beauty was kinda "ethereal". The island defence was also not so heavy, oddly.

In the meantime the other PCs reached the island and infiltrated inside the estate, avoiding cameras and magical barriers.

The elf was self-willingly participating in an initiation ritual to the sect in the dungeon of the estate, where Dido alongside foud awakaned mages was chanting the ritual.


What happens next is that the infiltrating team had a gunfight against Dido's bodyguard that found them in the estate. The Rigger jammed his mobile so he wasnt able to warn the security, and they killed him. (the bodyguard was an elf adept with amazing powers, something in the range of 15 power points, but he was poorly equipped at the moment, like just a dagger and no armor).

(I need to go out but I want to finish the story when I'm back, so will edit if someone is interested in following or adventures!)