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Full Version: Need clarification on Electricity vs Cyber.
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So the RAW mentions how electrical attacks can affect electronic devices and drones:

Electronic equipment and drones can also be affected
by Electricity damage. They never suffer Stun damage
so Electricity damage is Physical when used against
electronics and drones. They resist damage as usual and
suffer a secondary effect if they take even a single box
of damage.
The secondary effect for electronics and drones
damaged by Electricity damage is shorting out or overloading.
In game terms this is reflected as secondary
Matrix damage equal to half the Physical damage
rounded down.
Vehicles can be damaged by Electricity attacks but do
not suffer any secondary effects. Specific systems of vehicles
can be targeted by a Called Shots (p. 195).

I would assume a metahuman body would be like a vehicle, just because someone hits me in the chest with a Stun Baton, does not necessarily cause my cyberarm to short a bit.(ie take matrix damage from the zapping)

But if I do a called shot to an obvious cyberarm, maybe aiming for a joint to jam it right into the inner parts, would it potentially do half the electrical damage in matrix damage to the cyber so with some repeated called shots I could temporarily shut it down?

Granted most of the cyber is more solid state and optical chips, but some parts of it can still be affected to some limited degree.

Just trying to picture a bunch of KE cops trying to take down a cybermonster (assuming the cyber is all offline so can not be directly hacked) with taser pistols this way since it will probably be pretty much bullet resistant due to all the metal/plastic as well as having a high Body/Armor so can shake off a majority of straight on damage.

Granted the target is not going to sit still for this, especially if they realize I am focusing on a particular limb but am curious it this would apply.
To my knowledge only attacks done in the matrix deal matrix damage, beyond that. I imagine this is GM discretion as I have never seen rules about targeting cyberware with electricity.
Well the RAW does cover it in the quote listed above (pg 171 in SR5) about electronics and drones taking secondary Matrix damage equal to half of the Electrical damage due to the secondary effect of the elemental attack.

So a lightning bolt/taser device would do physical damage against these sort of devices and filling that Matrix condition bar toward possible bricking.

Hence my initial question about possible called shot working on cyberware. A general hit wont work as just like vehicles a normal hit wont affect individual systems.

I will be the GM for this so am trying to plan ahead when a player asks if this would work or not.

I am almost inclined to include it, but treat it as a stun form so if the condition bar were filled it shorts and reboots so its temporarily unavailable to the user rather than full on brick and shutdown. Still need to comtemplate this.

Granted in most cases, the regular damage and electrical stun would take out most things before having to worry about frying a specific piece of 'ware, but in some circumstances like where you are going up against something heavily armored/ High body specifically targeting the ware may be a better option to at least slow it down.
In most cases, targetting cyberware is not very useful, killing a cyberarm is one option sure, then they just swap their gun to the other hand & keep killing you. I would consider how you'd handle every major peice of cyberware getting hit in your situation & see if that creayes an imbalance of someone being able to essentially one shot anyone using cyberware, if such is the case perhaps it's just easier to treat the cyberarm as any other part of the body.

I personally would rule that its no more effective than shooting at someone wearing full plate armor or the like & that for the purposes of bricking it is not similar to a drone or other device.
sounds reasonable to just leave the cyberlimb alone then and would remove added complexity to a fight , plus otherise I would have to figure which ware has enough electronic bits to qualify or not.


no problem, it just seems easier in the long run, if your team wants to deal with cyberware, just let the decker handle it I suppose, otherwise, a targeted rocket blast can blow the arm off too nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (Dolanar @ Aug 28 2013, 10:11 AM) *
otherwise, a targeted rocket blast can blow the arm off too nyahnyah.gif

That would be one way to disarm someone I suppose. nyahnyah.gif
Yeah. If the fool, er, target was foolish enough to leave said cyberarm's wireless function on, you'll be better served by having your team hacker brick it with a Data Spike. A good starting decker should be able to brick any Device Rating 4 or less electric widget in a single attack, and without Edge.

But in answer to the OP, I'd say so. And I can see it now, a sniper with a Barrett 121 loaded with SnS aiming for the cybereye of some distant opponent... spin.gif
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