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Full Version: Heavy Weapon Mounts for riggers in 5e
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Knight Saber
Riggers have undergone a slight nerf in 5e, as small weapon mounts only carry up to assault rifles now, whereas the "classic" rigger will put an Ingram Valiant LMG on everything that can move. Heavy weapon mounts are needed for that now and have too high an availability ranking to purchase.

But! The Steel Lynx IS available and does come with a heavy weapon mount. Solution? Make a roof rack on your Roadmaster for the Steel Lynx (it's not that big a drone and it is that big a van) and bang, instant turret, easily removable and concealed by a tarp or cardboard signs in a pinch.
Interesting, so a modular combat vehicle with change out weapons.
Nowhere near the nerf you make it out to be. The older mounts could only handle up to a LMG.

And an assault rifle with access to the full drone ammo bin is effectively for all purposes a LMG (you must have missed that buff of AR's not being restricted to their internal ammo capacity only... the drones ammo bin is no longer belted only). In many ways superior to a LMG! (many come with higher precision, much lower cost!, and nifty features like GL's built in, as well as a larger variety).

And no, a drone the size of a large quad runner ATV (steel lynx are not small)... isn't exactly going to fit easily on top of a big vehicle... there are height clearance issues.

Though here's an old trick... one I used in my old 'Barrens Battlewagon'....

A ghetto-blaster cheap GAZ-P whatever beatup pickup with a massive amount of obvious armor. But one of the tricks I used was to put drone racks in the bed... then mounted two 'Smart Firing Platforms' one on each side like sponsoon turrets. So I could get them both facing forward, or backwards, or have each one cover a side.

The downside is people can shoot the mounted drone instead of the vehicle... but smart firing platforms are immobile drones in their own right. Which serve the job nicely of mounting a single heavy weapon with a 180degree firing arc! (you can put a HMG or up on one! since it's a drone'a'fied tripod).
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