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Full Version: How to convert weapons from SR4 to SR 5
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since I am quite a gun-junkie I have made some spreadsheets to get a glimpse at the conversion of guns from SR 4 to SR 5. I took all SR4 weapons, which would happen to have an SR 5 equivalent (like the Yamaha pulsar, the Panther Assault cannon or the Ares Predator) and started comparing their values, to get some kind of guideline for conversion of SR 4 guns to SR 5.

I compiled this information into a 4 page document. I would be happy if you could take a look and tell me, if I have forgotten something.


Kind regards,


Edit: Changed the link to my own hosting.
I'm not an expert but everything looks good to me. It's very nice thinks.
I wish I could reply, but I'm not going to download some exe-file to read your pdf. Had enough of thngs like that in tha past frown.gif
You don't have to download the exe file. Just hit the download under where it has the number of downloads. Which is the smallest download on screen funny enough. sarcastic.gif
Thanks ...

I just uploaded the file on the fly. Did not see that this hoster is quite ... strange.

Here a direct link to the file: Direct Link

Sorry for the bad deployment.
Um, this link and the other produce a popup asking for a username and password. You can't just post this to googledocs or something?
Here's a Dropbox link until the author can find something better:

Conversion Guide - Guns.pdf
Thats cool, I can use it quite well

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