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Full Version: Shooting through Barriers
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Simple question, is the example in the book wrong for Shooting through Barriers?

Shooting Through Barriers:
If an attacker wants to shoot through a barrier and hit a defender on the other side, a few things need to be determined. A defender using the barrier as cover receives a defense bonus for cover. If the defender is completely hidden behind the barrier, the attacker suffers a –6 Blind Fire dice pool modifier for not being able to see his intended target, but the hidden defender is considered unaware of the attack. If the barrier between the attacker and defender is transparent, like bullet resistant glass, there is no cover or obstruction to sight, but the attack must penetrate the barrier to reach the defender (see Penetration Weapons, p. 198). If the barrier takes the hit first, the gamemaster rolls Structure + Armor to resist the damage, and the structure takes any unresisted damage. If the Structure rating is exceeded by the damage it suffers, any remaining damage is transferred to the target behind the barrier. If the weapon’s modified Damage Value does not exceed the barrier’s Armor rating (modified by the weapon’s AP), then the weapon is simply not strong enough to pierce the barrier, and the attack automatically fails.

shooting through a barrier
Wombat is hunkered down behind a concrete barrier reloading his Ares Light Fire 70. An Ares security goon makes his best guess where Wombat is and takes a shot with his Defiance T-250. With the Blind Fire penalty, he only has 4 dice but scores 2 hits. Since Wombat is behind the cover, the barrier takes the hit first. Base damage is 9P, modified by the 2 hits to 11P. This is far less than the Armor rating of the concrete, which is 20, so the shot stops dead. When Wombat moves behind a security door (Armor 12) he stops for a quick breather. The goon takes a shot and scores 3 hits this time (lucky goon). The modified DV of the attack is 12P, equal to the Armor of 12, so the shot punches through. The door takes 1 box of damage, and 11P passes through to hit Wombat.

By my reading, after the door is shot in the second example the door should then roll Structure+Armour, take any remaining damage (structure 8 by the table) leaving Wombat with only 1 or 2 points to resist. Unless the intent is that if the DV exceeds the armour of a barrier then the shot passes through without any resistance, which is silly.
It's ok, I figured this out. It's in the Penetrating Weapons section, and the example is correct (though this still seems a little harsh). The example is before this section which, while confusing, isn't incorrect.
Care to enlighten us? Your initial post makes perfect sense, so what exactly did you figure out?
QUOTE (Chinane @ Oct 11 2013, 09:41 AM) *
Care to enlighten us? Your initial post makes perfect sense, so what exactly did you figure out?

I hadn't got as far as this bit:

Penetration Weapons
If the weapon you’re using is primarily a penetrating weapon, like a firearm or a pointed sword, then the barrier takes 1 box of unresisted damage (or no damage at all at the gamemaster’s discretion), allowing the rest to transfer to the target behind it. When multiple rounds are fired at a barrier, the damage increases to 2 boxes for 3 bullets, 3 boxes for six bullets, and 4 boxes for 10 bullets. Subtract this from the damage done to anyone on the other side of the barrier. This is only true for weapons whose modified DV exceeds the Armor rating of the barrier. As above, if the modified DV is less than the Armor, the attack is stopped dead with no damage to anything.

This seems harsh to me, than if a bullet does enough damage the armoured door you're behind is effectively pointless, but it does at least make sense of the example. smile.gif
Wait, isn't the example still wrong since the DV only equals the barrier of 12?
Based on the wording of the ruling on penetrating weapons, it would seem so. There's no accounting for when it's the same as the rating. I'd split the difference and do the damage to the door, but also stop the round.
QUOTE (Pariahpaladin @ Oct 11 2013, 11:47 AM) *
Wait, isn't the example still wrong since the DV only equals the barrier of 12?

The AP -1 isn't mentioned but implicitely used, i guess.
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