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Full Version: Multiple Ejection racks and weapon mounts
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Eurowar Antiques introduces the multiple ejection rack hardware (pg 48) as a way to mount multiples of a given type of weapon onto a single weapon mount. Basically a missile or rocket rack I suppose. The problem is that it isn't clear what type of mount it would go on, the standard or the reinforced. There is a single * note that says *Gravity Weapons only; requires Reinforced Weapon Mount but it is on the sextuple rack only. The other types have no such notation.
So can I use this thing to mount missiles or rockets on an aircraft on a regular weapon mount? That seems to be what all the example aircraft in this book are doing where it lists standard loadouts. Basically buy one of the other types of this rack (2, 3 or 4 pods) and mount it on a regular weapon mount and then jam the appropriate number of air to air missiles or whatever on there. Is that what was intended?
Are missiles and rockets used in this fashion considered to be the size of an LMG then, which is the largest weapon that you are supposed to be able to mount on the normal weapon mount?
Seems like a really useful piece of gear if it can be used this way. If not, then none of the weapon loadouts in Eurowars make any sense.
Edit: Made the actual note italicized for easier viewing.
Erik Baird
Gravity weapons means bombs. Missiles might be included as multiple launcher racks do exist IRL (usually twin on high-speed aircraft, while modern attack helicopters have quad racks for Hellfires).
I can't find a photo for it, but if smaller bombs are used, that's where the sextuple rack comes in. About the most a single pylon would be expected to carry is around 2000lbs, either one big bomb like a Mk84 or a larger missile, or some combination of smaller munitions. (twin missile rack on the outermost pylon)
Yeah I know what gravity weapons are and I think there are a grand total of 3 in the entire game so not exactly the height of variety. The notation isn't too clear either as it just lists that * note for the sextuple racks. If they meant all the racks can only hold gravity weapons those notes should be on separate lines or have a period between them or something to denote you need a reinforced mount for the sextuple rack and that all racks can only use gravity weapons.
But like I said previously, it seems from the weapon load outs in Eurowar Antiques that these racks are supposed to be able to mount missiles and rockets. So maybe what I really want to know is are missiles and rockets considered the same size as a LMG in Shadowrun so they can fit on standard weapon mounts or does this rack allow a bending of the rules as far as those weapons are concerned?
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