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Full Version: New Adept Powers
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I'm currently playing a Social Adept in an SR4 game. I thought it would be good if there were a few more powers on the social side so I'm going to try and make a few up.

Please let me know what you think of this power I've created. And any suggestions for more?

I've based this off Commanding Voice. Doubled the PP cost since it's a made up power. Considering raising the word limit.

Cost: .5

This power channels the adeptís magic into his voice to enhance the modulation and pitch, making anything they say carry the weight of truth to any listeners. The adept takes a Complex Action to make a simple assertion (five words or less) to the target, making an Opposed Test with CHA + Con against the target(s) CHA + Con/Negotiation (whichever is higher). If the adept succeeds in the test, the target believes whatever it is they were told until they are presented with evidence to the contrary, minimum 1 combat round. At the gamemasterís discretion a character under the influence of the convince power may make a CHA + Con/Negotiation (whichever is higher) test against the net hits on the original test each round if they have reason to be suspicious/disbelieve or if the lie they were convinced of seems too unlikely to be true.

If multiple individuals are targeted, use the largest dice pool among the defenders and add +1 dice per additional target (max. +5).

Convince may only be used on metahumans who can directly hear and understand the adeptís words. It has no effect when the voice is amplified or broadcast via technological means (eg. wireless transmission, loudspeaker, etc). It is also less effective on subsequent uses against the same target. Apply a cumulative Ė2 dice pool penalty for each use within the preceding 24 hours.
Con already kind of works that way.

I also don't think negotiation should be used for a test to make them believe in something fake, even likely or impossible.

Like if you sell someone a bag of baking powder but say its Novacoke. That's just a good old fashion con. Though you might roll negotiation to make your bag of baking powder worth more.
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