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Full Version: Europe 2072 Firearms
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Hi All,

Just looking for any more info on Europe in 207x. My present campaign is set in the UK. Firearms are very expensive and normally low quality. One of players brought up the idea of smuggling better ones from France using a transport drone.

I have no idea of the cost of Firearms in France in 207x, did have look at Europe book but could not see any real info. In RL France has much less strict Firearms rules than the UK. It also got me thinking what about Spain or Holland, could you buy them then drive them to point on the cost that is in range and send them by stealth drone to the south coast of the UK

Any ideas ?

...may i ask what books are available to you?
..German Arsenal 2070 have European firearms..
War! have info about Nanofax-made assault rilfle (ak-147) and carbine version (smg) of it..
to me, it is not very hard to think Vory (russian mob) use them/make them (or both)

..If Fixer can't get u anything usual (for Runner) ( From BBB(Arsenal/WAR!), he/ she is waste of time and money
(of course price/availibility would be slighly higher (GM's call), but Team's Face would negotiate then)
German Arsenal 2070 have European firearms

arrr that's what I need smile.gif Thanks
*Points to sig*

Just remember that the North Sea is a seriously toxic shithole, and your crew will probably not be the first to try to smuggle something across the sea...although the borders are long, there certainly are places where nobody is looking at a given time.
[double post]
Britain is pretty adamant about cutting down on smuggling. Hitchhiking your wares with some corp transport probably is the best way to go, since they do recognize the BRA (exterritoriality stuff), so best, find a bribe/exploit/blackmail-able mid-management stooge at Regulus or whatever and make him ship your stuff for you. Cuts into profit, but hey, now you know why guns are so expensive in Britain!

Also, for Euro guns, check out EuroWars Antiques and the Gun Heaven 2 PDF. The former has 'classics' from the eurowars, the latter has a lot of Krupp-Produced firearms. Also, anything Remington is available in Britain for a steep price.

The original London sourcebook suggested just creating British equivalents of guns you want, which have the same stats but different names. For instance, the Integrated Weapons Systems P25 equals an Ares Lite Fire, the P25 equals a Predator, the Bountyman equals a Manhunter (all official recommendations from the London book). This si a good way to fill gabs in EWA and GH2, and give your game a unique Brit flavor.
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