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Full Version: What are some good examples of troll thrash metal
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child of insanity
I have a player who's centering technique is troll thrash, and I was looking for some examples of good troll thrash. I've got a few people giving suggestions, but most of it was crap. Any ideas?
Dethlok maybe? Yes it was used for the animated show Metalocalypse, but the music was sound.

Gwar may also appeal.

Depends on what you want I guess. smile.gif
Do you mean regular thrash bands that can be converted into troll thrash bands? Plenty of them, although finding one that isn't crap is probably going to be like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.
With the big-time multi-cultural influences found in Shadowrun, you might try bands like Sepultura (especially Roots for these guys). Don't be afraid to check out Industrial and Industrial/Metal bands. Fear Factory has a whole cyberpunk-esque concept album in Obsolete and their newest album The Industrialist talks about a world after AI emerges. Ministry was a fusion of all sorts of stuff metal, industrial, classical...a real hodgepodge there. As long as it's loud and obnoxious, it should be close 'nuff!
I've found it difficult to convey the feeling of Shadowrun musical genres with real bands. Perhaps some of the recommendations here could be altered with filters to bring about a more unique sound that sells the SR-genres.

On a related note does any here have recommendations for atmospheric Shadowrun music? The sort of stuff that you play in the background just enough to heighten the tension or give the area a real feel to it.
I think you should look into things with a heavy overpowering drum line, Nile being a good example, or focus on grindcore. Thrash never really seemed like a troll thing to me. It was just what was around at the time of Shadowrun being born, and was the heaviest thing on the block. You might check out things like Necrophagist, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, etc. I tried to find you full albums for play, if thats not your thing, just google and listen to a few songs.



Napalm Death:

Pig Destroyer:

and just cause i like them:

Celtic Frost:

Depending on te type of thrash metal your looking at I would second GWAR (come on, just look at them and tell me you couldn't see a troll band doing that), and also Slipknot & Cannibal Corpse and other bands close to their sounds. Loud, aggressive, violent. A lot of metal in the 80s was rather tame compared to what came after in the 90s+ and for Troll Thrash I would use some f the later stuff.
+1 for GWAR.

Maybe if you could imagine GWAR fronted by George Fisher or "Nathan Explosion", or the like... That's how I picture the natural singing voice of a 9-foot, 700-pound Troll.

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