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Full Version: Complete Rules Summaries & Player Aids for all game aspects
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Have heard of some issues with the below links. If you're having trouble, you can just download all the files at one of these links:
raleel's zip file
FasterN8's zip file
Or, I'd be happy to email them to you. Drop me a line at SR5TableAids at

>>Updated 2/19: Technomancer section is complete. I've added Technomancer rules to the Matrix Rules Summary sheet, and developed a Technomancer player aid (link below)>>
>>Updated 2/26: Added Technomancer character sheet, numerous updates to GM Rules Summary, Magic Summary, to add streamlined list of spells, drugs, toxins, and critter powers)>>

Don't ask me how I had the stamina to put this together... it was a months-long project that consumed a huge chunk of my life, but (hopefully) it makes playing SR5 much easier and smoother. Please let me know if you have any feedback/corrections. Also, please let me know if this is legal - just trying to help everyone play this awesome game, but I have included plenty of rules info, not sure if that's kosher or not...

Rules Summaries

The core book is written (obviously) as a book, which is nice for reading/getting to know the rules, but not a handy reference. These rules sheets assume you have an understanding of basic concepts & flavor. It then strips out all the fluff and catalogues all the rules in the book, grouping them by game concepts - everything from what is required for AR, DNI, VR, etc... to a short summary of the requirements & tests for Ritual Spellcasting, from rules for Addiction Tests to Vehicle Chase Combat, and from rules to pick a Maglock to HTR Team Response Time. No rules for Character Creation or Advancement are included - these rules sheets are meant to be aids at the table while running a session, so I didn't include those items that can be done off-line.

Rather than a sea of words in a Word document (which many rules aids are written as), i've laid these out with color-coding and highlighted boxes to make them much easier on the eyes to scan through and find the seciton you need (I think...). I obviously had to make a few judgement calls where the rules are in conflict (such as attack attribute for Rigging/Remote Control Gunnery), let me know if you disagree with any of my interpretations.

Rules Summary - Combat

Rules Summary - Magic

Rules Summary - Matrix

Rules Summary - Rigger

Rules Summary - GM

Rules Summary - Skills & Qualities

Rules Summary - Gear

Player Aids

There is a LOT to track when playing SR5, and that's a fun part of the game. But table management becomes incredibly difficult and/or time-consuming. These boards allow you to easily track changing game information without digging through stacks of chicken-scrawl scratch paper. Simple board-game tokens can be used to stack up Wound Modifiers, track initiative, and mark if one of your drones has taken Full Defense for the turn. Also includes things such as a handy table for looking up a Spirit's Limits based on its type and Force, as this is a a lot of math to be done at-the-table and on-the-spot when it is needed and can really slow down play. Player aids for Deckers and Riggers include lists of available programs. These can be cut out and then moved in and out of the slots on the board representing your deck/RCC to show what programs are currently being run. I've included some pics to show the boards in action with tokens.

For example, this pic shows the master board every player would use to track their general combat info:

Player Aid - Master Pic

This example is very busy, but wanted to show off all the sections. You can see:
- The upper left yellow box shows player has already been attacked twice since their last action, giving them a -2 to future defense tests
- Clear box next to it has a token showing the Full Defense action was taken this Turn (bonus applies to any other defense tests this turn)
- White box next to it shows player has 3 Edge remaining to spend
- Red box in the upper left shows player currently has 1 Wound Modifier (-1 to all actions). This jives with the Damage tracks on the right, which show player has taken 1 Stun Damage and 4 Physical Damage
- Just under the Wound Modifiers box is a section for the Take Aim action. Player has taken Take Aim action 3 times, 1 to get Vision Mag benefit, and twice to get +1 Attack (+2 Attack total)
- the large Ammo box in the bottom left has tokens showing how many bullets are left in the current clip (and the box has a handy chart showing Bullets/Defense penalties for each firing mode). a clear gem shows what Firing Mode the gun is currently in
- Each time a shot is fired, the bullets spent are moved from the Ammo box down to the Recoil box, showing how much Recoil has accumulated
- the Recoil box is then cleared by not firing for an Action Phase (or just an action if you prefer the latest Errata rules)
- section on the far right tracks Initiative with a clear gem, which can be easily moved down 10 after each Initiative Pass

A couple other pics show the boards in action:

Pic - RCC Board

You can see slots to select current Matrix User Mode (AR vs. Cold-Sim vs. Hot-Sim), Running Silent, Noise (and a box to move Noise that has been Reduced into the Noise Reduction box, this allows you to easily track how much Noise is currently penalizing your actions and how much is currently being Reduced).

Pic - RCC Programs

Pic - Vehicle-Drone Board

Vehicle/Drone board has the basic combat info from the player's Master board, and adds needed components such as slots for Autosofts currently being run, as well as Vehicle Combat info, such as a box to mark that you have taken a Complex Action to control your vehicle for the turn, as this is one of those small items that can be easy to forget in the flow of combat.

Links to the player aids:
Full aids for all archetypes are included. Some boards include multiple small pieces to be used as needed. For example, if someone lays down Suppressive fire, simply throw out one of the small box cut-outs for Suppressive Fire and load it up with tokens to keep track of the Hits generated. Sustaining a spell? pull out one of the Sustained Spell cards, jot down what spell it is, place a number of tokens on it equal to the Hits from the Spellcasting test so that those are easily tracked (and can be easily changed if Hits are reduced by a Dispelling), and place a gem on the card to mark what is powering the Sustaining force (taking the standard -2 penalty, using a Sustaining Focus, using a Spirit service, etc...) Similar to the Vehicle/Drone board, Spirit boards are included to track all relevant combat info for a spirit if needed, including jotting down its attributes so that they are handy, and you don't have to do the math each time of Force + X to determine its dice pool. Obviously it is simple math, but doing it over and over again is just another one of those things that eats up time at the table.

You'll notice that some of the pages are off-set / not centered. they are set up that way so that you can print double-sided and cut out a smaller sheet to have at the table

Player Aid - Master

1 quick note on the 'Player Aid - Master' - the first summary board shown is the simpler/beginner version. It shows the Quick Start Rules for Movement (10/25 insead of AGI x2/x4), and lists fewer possible actions. At the end of the file you'll see the 'advanced' board that shows the normal Movement rules and a more comprehensive list of Actions. There's also a player board with the added complexity of a box to mark if you have already used your Free Action out of turn this Initiative Pass (if you're a real stickler for details)

Player Aid - Decker

Player Aid - Technomancer

Player Aid - Magic

Player Aid - Rigger

Player Aid - Combat Table (Shared)

1 quick note on the 'Player Aid - Combat Table (Shared)' - there is a large blown up pic of the Environmental Modifiers table. The idea here is that each person at the table would have one color token to represent them (for example 1 person might be 'blue cubes'). the first time they attack you can then place 1 of their tokens on each category (Visibility/Light/Range/Wind) at the appropriate line to represent their modifier (after figuring out the benefits fo their various vision enhancements/smartlink/etc...) This way their modifiers will be clearly marked for the rest of the combat and you won't have to recalculate on their turn each time what the impacts of Wind/Light/etc in coordination with their various vision enhancements are.

Player Aid - GM Matrix

Character Sheets

I also found the original Character Sheet lacking in detail and space. The below Character sheets are updated with all the detail and space you'd need for each character archetype:

Char Sheet - Adept

Char Sheet - Decker

Char Sheet - Generic

Char Sheet - Magician

Char Sheet - Mystic Adept

Char Sheet - Rigger

Char Sheet - Street Sam

Char Sheet - Technomancer
Very nice smile.gif

One thing I quickly noticed was that Player Aid - Master has 4th Ed movement rules at the top.
QUOTE (Smash @ Feb 15 2014, 04:50 AM) *
Very nice smile.gif

One thing I quickly noticed was that Player Aid - Master has 4th Ed movement rules at the top.

Thanks! Didn't realize those were the same as 4E. Those are the movement rules from the Quickstart rules for SR5. If you scroll down to the bottom of that file you'll see an advanced player board that has the normal 5E movement rules. (And a more complete list of potential actions).
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Very Nice...
Not enough Skill Lines for my purposes, but nice indeed...
wow real cool
Great stuff! And not to be that guy or anything, but would you happen to have these for 4th edition? Haven't made the switch with my crew yet.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but the Decker character sheet appears to be identical to the Generic character sheet apart from the initiative area, and there's nowhere for information on the current deck configuration to be listed...
QUOTE (AccessControl @ Feb 16 2014, 01:25 PM) *
I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but the Decker character sheet appears to be identical to the Generic character sheet apart from the initiative area, and there's nowhere for information on the current deck configuration to be listed...

Correct. All of the current info on your deck is tracked separately - see the 'Player Aid - Decker' file. You'll find everything you need to track there, including cutouts for all of the programs in the book that you can easily slide in and out of the program slots on the deck board provided, Matrix attribute arrays that can easily be designated with movable tokens so you can instantly adjust as you reconfigure your deck, separate boxes for tracking Noise/Noise Reduction, Grid modifiers, Matrix User Mode, Running Silent, Matrix Damage, etc...
QUOTE (Moves @ Feb 16 2014, 10:36 AM) *
Great stuff! And not to be that guy or anything, but would you happen to have these for 4th edition? Haven't made the switch with my crew yet.

Sorry, only put together for 5th.
I've added Technomancer Rules Summary to the Matrix sheets. Rules Summaries should now be complete and cover all rules aspects of SR5. Anyone please let me know if you find any rules concept not covered in the Rules Summary sheets.
Wow, these are great and, judging by the low amount of replies here, seriously under-appreciated! I have a question (a few more might follow): Under Sensors in the Rigger Summary, you write:

"Small Drones: Come w 3 Sensor Functions
Vehicles, Medium & Large Drones: Come with Sensor Array (8 Sensor Functions)"

Do you have a source for the ruling that small drones only have 3 sensor functions? I couldn't find it and always thought that any drone had a sensor array.


"Camera: Can buy Visual Enhancements (Smartlink,...) Default 1 Capacity, must buy add’l Camera Capacity"

SR5, p. 446, reads:

"If a function has the same name as an imaging or audio device, it’s the same as its description in those sections, with a Capacity equal to its Rating."

So a drone with Sensor 3 would have a sensor array with rating 3 which includes a camera with rating / capacity 3. No upgrades installed, though.
Prime Mover
Links are down?
Everything is available in "FasterN8's zip file"
I am really in love with these various summaries. Most of the player aids are a bit too dark. When printed the contrast gets low and it is hard to see in a dim lit play area. (And use tons of toner).

I've skipped offering them to my players because of that even if the matrix one is a real useful one to track configurations and whatnot.

Is it possible to get a version with much much lighter colours?
Thank you for these sheets- they will make playing SR5 far more fun!
Gonna steal these, they look handy for teaching new players the ropes.
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