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Full Version: Gamer's Tavern Game Table Episode 1
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Finally got this going, our new podcast where myself (Darryl Mott Jr., Ain't It Cool News Tabletpp) and Ross Watson (Lead Designer of Warhammer 40K roleplay line, designer on Shadowrun Sprawl Gangers, and many other games) join GM Brandon Gensemer to play Shadowrun 4th Ed; Gamer's Tavern: Game Table. It was a lot of fun and it's been a long time since I've gotten to play a proper game, so I hope you guys enjoy.
Daier Mune
Cool, will have to check this out, hard to find good rpg podcasts.
Yay, been looking for a good Shadowrun 4th ed stream to watch, now i can use that to see how pink mohawk my group i play with is XD
I cast Stunbolt... at the Darkness!!
QUOTE (Sendaz @ Feb 27 2014, 09:01 PM) *
I cast Stunbolt... at the Darkness!!

I strike back by casting Darkness at the stunbolt!
Is Ross still playing purple haired characters?
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