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Thermographic ultrasound etc.

Stirrup Interface

QUOTE (Shortstraw @ Feb 19 2014, 06:43 AM) *

Cool, though to be honest I was expecting CyberCowboys with a title like that. nyahnyah.gif
I love when people post stuff like this up. Thanks, both good reads biggrin.gif
I get them from the realclear sites mainly Real Clear Science but some from Real Clear Tech.
QUOTE (Shortstraw @ Feb 19 2014, 06:43 AM) *

The research here is a bit old, but several think tanks, research firms and other groups have already started trying to use this research into the controlling of machines/robotics, whith the possibility of non surgically attached cybernetics being the endgame for several. It has also been looked at in conjunction with BCIs, which could create a lot of possibilities for low invasive treatment for people with born and acquired disabilities and injuries.
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