Looking for an Actual Play podcast of a world where Man meets Magic and Machine? The Gamer’s Tavern has you covered, chummer! We’re recording weekly episodes of our Shadowrun Actual Play, featuring a Pink Mohawk crew shadowrunning in a Mirrorshades world.

The players: Ross Watson (Designer of Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers), Darryl Mott, Jr. (Tabletop Columnist for Ain’t-it-Cool-News), Jeff Preston, (Writer for the Shadowrun Supplemental, RPG and CRPG Digital Artist and Cartographer), Kyle Herring, and Kat9. The GM: Brandon Gensemer (RPG Writer, CRPG Quality Assurance for EA/Bioware)

We’ve got Pixies, guys with the street name “Babysitter,” egregious explosions, and tons of Shadowrun-style fun. We’re posting in-character stories, blog entries, and character sheets too!
Join the Karl Kombatmage Fighting Fan Club! Shudder at the gruesome exploits of Molly Mayhem! Find out if “the Babysitter” can keep his cool!

Come join all the action for the Gamer’s Tavern Actual Play: Shadowrun at http://gametable.gamerstavern.org

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