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Full Version: kREIGER Strains?
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how many variations are there of that nasty HmVV thing...I don't know how it's spealt so please feel free to correct me.
Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (Herald of Verjigorm)

Dang, I wish I knew about that site a few weeks ago. A friend stranded without his books was asking about HMHVV and I couldn't find a good site summarizing it.
Ancient History
If it wouldn't drive people off, I'd make my site mandatory reading for posters. cyber.gif
Kanada Ten
Reading? What is this? Next you'll be suggesting this mysterious forum "Search Engine" I keep hearing about.
You've heard those rumors too?
I thought they just made them up so that regular posters could be lazy and refuse to answer the same question for the hundredth time.
Are you sure it is the 100th time? I swear it is the 1000th time...
Actually, the Busaw is a phillipino ghoul variant. (Allergy; Citric Acid)
Sasabonsam are the west-african ones. (x5 running)

Otherwise AH is correct upsidedown.gif
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