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Full Version: Remote Controlling and Agent
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So I was re-reading through the 4e Matrix chapter in preparation for an upcoming game when the "Controlling Devices" rules caught me off guard. On page 220 the 4e core rules mention being able to remote control agents along with the usual drones and other devices. SR4A seems to back this up on page 245. This is my 4th SR game, why am I just learning about this now?

Have any pro-decker players out there used this tactic before, RC-ing the agent? For example, letting the agent break through all the lesser firewalls and then step in with your Command program + Skill + Misc bonuses to do the heavy lifting, all from the safety of your own commlink, potentially miles away. I assume you would take damage through the agent like a rigger. I am definitely going to use this in my next game, although I wonder how much of a heads up to give the GM.
Since 3rd Edition, myself. Agents are awesome. They're like Matrix drones that are actually competent in what they do without you using them as your body. In 3rd, there was a specialised tacnet software to enhance matrix combat performance of agent swarms, and an agent tactics skill to go along with it.

Of course, since every agent had an Overwatch scoreof their own to track, using several agents was a sure way to clog the game and make the GM very unhappy.
I touch a little on autonomic Agents in the guide I wrote: Vehicles, Drones, and Agents
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