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Full Version: New player perspective
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Hoy, chummers.
Sorry for bad English in advance, I didn't put enough points in it yet and 2014 lingsoft sucks.

I'm new to all the sixth world stuff, but I like it so far.
So, I decided to learn about shadow world alongside with my character -- probably getting his body (and my feelings) smashed in the process.
//Btw, I've been to offical forums and people in "character generation" are discussing "optimal builds" and shit. Do not like. Its a roleplay game (yes?), not "Hey, I've made a freakin badass pile of numbers." Plus, if you make stronger character at start, GM will just have to provide you with stronger enemies.//

The idea of this post is to tell as a story about my first run, analyzing mistakes and ideas. Caution: might cause random facepalms /oh god these newbs/.

We started as a group of three players, and we were warned that we really should still somehow cover dealing with problems in all three "worlds" (Real, Matrix and Astral), as well as walk-talk part.

After some discussions we were set with our runners (names were added later, but I included them in this list for the reference):

Zorg, human. Roles: close combat, driving, recon /that'd be me/
Martin, human. Roles: magic combat, magic recon, negotiation /friendship is magic!/
Zhenya, human. Roles: decker, long-ranged combat, negotiation with mr. Jonson and other guys we might not have chance to charm.

So, guess its boring full-human team. We've got some excuses though -- in our starting region (Russia) people aren't friendly to most metahumans.
//not sure here, Shadowrun view on Russia is really weird. No bear cavalry though :( //.

To be continued with character generation process.
Part One. Character generation from the scratch.

My first idea was to fight using drones. It failed miserably -- either I didn't find it or there are no custom drone upgrades in SR5 that improve their effectiveness to a point where they can actually stop angry street samurai, charging at you. Or at least delay him for two-three rounds that your decker need to make his cybernetic insides assplode. Okay, you can use rigged devices to shoot from safety of your car, or pack Steel Lynx or even Rotodrone with some heavy guns and drop the bass, but that does not solve problem of close combat and overall team frailness.
Still, I liked the idea of having drones for recon and overall coolness /RCC is a fraggin hivemind/ so I installed rig and packed on some small drones for testing (and an extra Ares Duelist in case I'll find a way to make it useful).

At this point character outline was not done yet, but I had some waypoints. He has to be smart enough to tinker with drones (but naive enough to still hop on frontlines in case of some real shit happening), flashy enough to draw attention and survivable enough to, well, survive close combat.

Next thing I did was questionable /read - terrible/. In option "magic or cyber/bioware" I chose magic. Reasoning behind this was quite simple -- I didn't know how often do drones brick and I wanted to safeplay -- spend YY on gearing up and karma on character upgrades without having to worry if I need to spend money on "internal" upgrades or on gear. All that scary stuff with enemy deckers disabling your cyberware as well, ugh. Basically, I overreacted and chose magic even though I took a hit to it already.
//30+ karma go bye-bye//

Only melee magic archetype I could think of was something anime-ish with big sword and really stupid way of presenting himself to the world.

My priorities were terrible.
Check this out:
Money: C
//worst one I could possibly fit in, still had to basically steal from other characters :D //
Skills: B
//I wanted to test out stuff. Most skills proved to be really useless so far, but, well, it was bound to happen as I didn't put enough time in studying when does which skill apply.//
Magic: D
//My magic choice was adept, but I didn't want to take high priority here, didn't find any good active skills I want to have high-leveled//

Now here comes bad part -- only E and A priorities were left.
Here I was like "hurr durr if I don't know what I want, might as well get high Edge -- that way I can do, well, anything. Sometimes." Very anime-like character indeed.
And I dumped stats...
Metatype: A
Attributes: E
Well, the result was fun at least.

To be continued with some numbers in charsheet, character background and mistakes analyzis...
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