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Full Version: Let's talk about Chase combat
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Chase combat is one of those things I've seen glossed over in many games. I think it is important though because without it the Rigger is not participating in all the things his archetype is for.

Reading over the rules though they seem a little loose so I'm looking for how people interpret them. So here's a few questions:

1) Do any of the chase actions count as the control vehicle action? For example: If I perform a catch up action does that count as a 'Control Vehicle action'?

2) If not then doesn't this make non-rigger drivers kinda useless? For instance: If I'm being chased by some go-gangers who don't have reaction enhancement then won't the only thing they can do every round is control their vehicle, unless they roll 11+?

3) Is the reaction to a 'Stunt Action' by pursuers a free action? I assume it is.

4) When performing catch-up actions it refers to a 'maneuver threshold'. Is this just pulled out of the air by the GM based on the table on p199? Is it modified by the opposing vehicle at all? I know acceleration limits how many increments you can catch up or pull away and maybe I have to see it in action.

5) Escaping chase combat seems to be independent of how good of a driver the escapee is, as the chaser can make a check to not be lost. Is this test supposed to be opposed? That would make more sense.
I feel that a big part of the reason chase combat gets glossed over is that the rules for it have always been a confusing mess.

Jack VII
I wrote this scenario like a million years ago (well 6 months ago). I don't know how accurate it was, but it might help.

Chase Scenario
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