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Kanada Ten
Truman Technologies Promotional Trixcast

Truman Technologies is proud to sponsor the 2064 Chicago hockey team!

The entries are in! Now is the time for you, the regestered owner of <insert sales item>, to choose the Chicago team name!

Winners receive a custom sculpted 'Trix host and a year of highpeek Matrix access paid for and supplied by the quality staff of Truman Technologies.

Picking just nine is tough work.
Why no option for the Chicago Fleshforms?
Kanada Ten
I'm sure the reason is because you didn't submit it.

[ Spoiler ]
I'd go for Other. Chicago True-Forms, Flesh-Forms, Good Merges, or something.
Chicago Toxics.
I'm all for a Bug Spirit-inspired team name. They have to make something good out of that whole CZ debaucle.
I'm disappointed you didn't like my 'Orkin Men' idea.
The Chicago Bombers is a very bad idea for a name. Some folks would associate it with the Tac Nuke, but most Chicagoans would associate it with the take-down of the Sears Tower. Not a pleasant memory. Some of us who live in Bug-City-to-be still keep a wary eye towards that building, just in case those Humanis goons decide to get a jump on the timeline.....
Hell, why not "The Bug City Collectors." Has a okay ring to it, plus everyone will always call Chicago "Bug City" for at least a generation. Then they can change the name.

@Rangerjoe: You live in Chicago? I'll be moving there in September.

Chicago Crush!

Cyberball rules biggrin.gif
Kanada Ten
Ranger, the Chicago Brawl team prior to the CZ was called the Shatters. The idea is that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

As for Pro-Bug names, I highly doubt it, the Zoners are rabidly anti-bug. Things like Deceivers (Good-mergers), Mutants & Hybrids (Flesh-forms), and Bugs (True-forms) are considered THE ENEMY. It would be like NYC naming their hockey team The Osamas or the Hijackers. But if they get enough Other votes, I will bow to the people's will.
Ech.... Chicago Shatters. Still gives me the creeps.

That's why I like the Shards-- alliterative, fierce, and scream-able.

@shadd4d. too bad. I'll be moving on by then. What brings you to the Windy City?
Arr. Going to start my masters at the University of C there. Do you know anyone I could possibly talk to about Shadowrun?

Heck, maybe Elemental Hall gets built in my lifetime. cool.gif

Excellent. I am graduating from the U of C this spring. Email me, and I'll pass along some info about U of C gaming groups you might be ineterested in talking to.

Speaking of which, Scavhunt is the only thing better than Urban Brawl.... or Hockey....
Kanada Ten
Do universities have Urban Brawl team? Do they even have hockey teams?

1: This is gonna be a great game, 2.
2: Sure is, 1. And U of C Elementals take to the court!
1: There's a Fireball to Jermain, and he Absorbs it no problem.
2: Look at that! He turns around and spits out a mega Waterblast on Samson!
1: Samson sure looks frazzled from that.
2: So would you if Jermain leveled his Waterlast on-
1: Oh my God! Quarry just dropped a two ton rock on Jermain!
2: Ouch!
Swing Kid
How about jersey colors? Is Chicago going to stick with the old Blackhawks colors, or pick new ones around the new team name? If it ends up being the Chicago Cyberhawks, then I think white jerseys with silver and red logos would look great.
Kanada Ten
Depends on how the logo ends up. Each team has at least two uniforms, a light and a dark - sometimes three. If you took the Blackhawk jerseys and replaced the black with silver, I think that would look pretty cool. Also, the logo could be a simple as a chrome feather or as complex as a chrome hawk with bloody talons.
Swing Kid
I like it. Bet there are some artists out there who could come up with a great logo.
Go the mighty Bombers!!!

...Sorry. The Bombers are an Aussie rules football team. smile.gif
What's a Zoner?
Kanada Ten
During the quarantine of Chicago, the government built a wall around a large area of the city. They called that area the "Containment Zone" or CZ for short. Those trapped behind the walls are Zoners, though I can't recall if we just started calling them that, or if it appeared in the books.
Kanada Ten
I should note that the wall came down; even still, many remain inside the former CZ because they have no where else to go and no money to get there.

But soon all that will change. Saeder-Krupp and Truman and a few others plan on taking a gaint water canon and blasting the entire city clean.
Swing Kid
Do what?
How do you hose down an entire city using a giant water cannon? The logistics of such a task seems impossible.
Kanada Ten
Sorry: it was a joke.
Swing Kid
talker.gif Oh...I knew that...
i'd say:

Chicago Bugsmachers
Kanada Ten
Or even just the Chicago Smashers, Chicago Shoe, or Chicago Stompers...

The poll is very close considering. Gee, only 34 more votes and this will be my greatest poll ever. Sadly, we don't even have the same number of votes as the Best CharGen thread. I guess it's not controversial enough. rotfl.gif

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