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Full Version: Qi foci
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Can a mystic adept use Qi Foci?
The text says "Qi foci only works for adepts."
it also says:
"Mystic adepts area combination of Magicians and adepts."
Moved to rules forum.
Well, given that mystic adept is more "adept who can cast spells" than "mage who can use adept abilities" given their lack of ability to astrally project or even perceive without spending PP, and that if you break down the name, it contains the word adept... I'm going with yes, mys ads can use Qi foci.
If you are any type of Adept, you are an Adept.

If you are any type of Magician, you are a Magician.

A mystic adept is both an Adept and a Magician at the same time.

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