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Full Version: New Face Quality, Lasting Impression
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Lasting Impression
Cost: 7 Karma
The Lasting Impression quality enables a character to
use their personal skills to get a better reaction from
people whom they've meet or worked with on more then
2 occasions. The Character gains +1 pool modifier for
relevant social tests and +2 for friendly interactions but
if the character with the skill doesn't remember interacting
with the other in the test, they suffer a -2 modifier. (GM's
take notice, wanting to be remembered and forgotten is insulting)

sound good? make sense?
Isn't this more or less already done by the loyalty mechanic for contacts?

If you've gotten enough of their attention and respect for repeat business, doesn't that make them a contact?

Not trying to crap on your idea, which is pretty cool. But I think it's built in already.

Could work for tables which play tight with contacts.
This actually sounds like a very clever counterpart to the First Impression quality. I find it both balanced and flavorful. I approve entirely.

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