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Full Version: high velocity rules?
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Alpha Blue
Hi everyone, I need help.
Can anyone point me to the rules for High Velocity automatics in 5rd? Cant find it and dont get the search function. Many thanks!
I don't have Run and Gun, or I'd be checking that for ya. There certainly aren't rules for High Velocity Weapons / Super Machine Guns in the 5E Corebook.

That said, I'm curious as to what the desireability of such guns would even be in 5E, since "Narrow Bursts" are no longer an option. I could see using HV weapons (as well as Miniguns) for their ability to deal massive amounts of damage with a narrow burst (single net hit Minigun narrow burst = 21P).

But in what circumstance are you realistically going to need a bigger modifier to the enemy Dodge Pool than the -9 you can already get with a standard automatic weapon? If an enemy has a solid dozen dice to Dodge, does it really make a substantial difference to drop that to 0 instead of a mere 3?

There are no special rules for HVAR weapons.

They have the Ares HVAR in R&G, but there are no special rules. It is simply an AR that does 8P, SA/BF/FA, 50 rounds in the mag, comes with a smartlink, a shock pad, and a custom recoil system that gives it 3 points of recoil, but the weapon cannot have any barrel mounted accessories.

That's it. No special rules at all, so just treat it as any other assault rifle.
Alpha Blue
Thanks guys!
I was fearing that but ill probably just adapt the rules from 4ed something like short burst is 6 bullets long is 10 and full 15. Suppresdive fire covers larger area. Thoughts?
I don't quite understand your proposed adaptation.

In 4E, an HVAR fires 3 round Short Bursts, 6 round Long Bursts, and 12 roung Full Bursts. It can also fire two Long Bursts in a single Initiative Pass, because that's equivalent to firing a single Full Burst. Suppressive fire remains unchanged.

If you were going to adapt that, I'd keep everything the same. A Semi-Automatic Burst or Burst Fire action takes 3 rounds, a Long Burst or Full Auto (Simple) action takes 6 rounds, and a Full Auto (Complex) action takes 12. Suppressive fire should, again, remain unchanged.

The only major change that 5E brings to the table is how you go about attacking multiple targets with bursts, but that's handled via the Multiple Attacks Free Action. Everything else should transition smoothly and exactly.

Alpha Blue
Hmmm true, was I thinking 3rd?
Ah well that sounds reasonable if a bit dull. I think ill cut the 3 bullet burst out anyway.its supposed to be alot of lead flying. . 12 för the long sounds good. I think some bonus to Sf is in line with the description so ill have to think about that. 8 bullets long burst?
If you're basing off an earlier version and are trying to House Rule to capture the feel or mechanics of that, then go for it.

If you're coming off of 4E, I can't see why there should be any reason to make other additional changes beyond firing 12 bullets when the gun would otherwise fire 10.

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