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Hey everyone! Zero here. Since it's come to my attention that someone's been leaking the mockup blog I was writing (I'm going to get you FuelDrop, mark my words) I figured I may as well answer any questions people have about my day job and because I'm not without a sense of irony I figured I may as well hack my leak's account to do so.

Just post your questions here and I'll answer them when I get a moment.
Running into the various types mayhem and large amounts of explosions you and your team has over time, have you or any of your mates developed any unusual quirks/phobias/disorders from it?

Also, can we get your autograph?

It's not for me ^_^;

It is for some cubs in the local chapter of Grrl Scouts who would be thrilled to bits.
Hey Sendaz!

As to your first question: I've developed several quirks over my time working with this, for want of a better term, team. For instance, I've developed an alarming tenancy to duck for cover when startled. Good instinct in combat, bad instinct when someone opens the door unexpectedly during a job interview. It was really embarrassing when I was reporting on a school assembly for the local rag and a balloon popped.

Among the rest of the team... well, half of them were head cases to begin with. Himori or whatever she's calling herself now is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, for instance, so if she were to add a new quirk to the list it'd be hard to tell. Captain America's love of progressively larger and larger 10 gallon hat variants appears to have been around before we met, so again any new quirks are kinda hard to spot.

One thing that does come to mind started after we captured that Triad ship. Ever since then Jack's been obsessed with getting his whole hundred-strong troll gang full pirate regalia, complete with fire-breathing parrot drones.

Another one involves Zak, who started painting his drones up in clown makeup at some point between the thankfully few runs I've had with him.

Deadbolt is getting progressively more psychotic and kill crazy every time he runs. I'm thinking he's on the verge of going full on cyberpsycho and we're not exactly providing him with a healthy environment to get his head straight. He's also gotten into the habit of opening every door as if he were breaching a hostile building.

Borris's pyromania is actually dialing back a little, from what I can tell. He's also started collecting foreign fire extinguishers, for reasons beyond my comprehension.

Sylvia in her various identities has never been much of a drinker but as our antics have escalated I've seen her reaching for the hard stuff more and more readily. Not to problem levels by any means, but there has been a marked increase in her alcohol consumption.

Dorkraider... yeah, the kid was a bundle of neuroses and video-game addictions when we got him, so I can't be sure if the weird gestures he makes with his left hand while talking are a stress thing or just a result of playing a caster in an MMO on hot sim for 72 hours straight.

As to the signature, I'd be happy to help out. Tell me which Grrl Scout hall to send it to and I'll mail it right away. Provided I can work out the mail system of course... why do we even have one of those anymore? nyahnyah.gif

PS: I think we've all started to keep our distance from dead bodies after the Triad guys started exploding at us. Call it a quirk if you want, I call it a survival trait.
Has becoming a runner affected your social life?

Oh, and with your extensive recent experience with explosions, what is your current recommendation for low profile but high effectiveness ear protection?
Two excellent questions, kzt.

Becoming a full shadowrunner has its perks, socially. It's very convenient having the cash to take your friends out to all the expensive clubs, and the only other way I'd be able to get my hands on some of my outfits would be to steal them. On the flip side, if your cover gets blown then you have to kiss any normal friends you've made goodbye. Being a wanted terrorist also means that you have to keep a low profile, so no going to nice clubs while your name is in the news.

A final aspect of that which Darkraider has discovered is that all your MMO accounts are linked to your SIN, so once that's burned so are all the hours you spent grinding out levels.

As for hearing protection: Cyberears with a damper installed. Must have for working with explosives, heavy weapons and auto shotguns. I swear that implant is the only reason I can still hear.
Zero, I'm writing on behalf of individuals that may or may not exist, and who are not currently forcing me to do this at gunpoint (they think that line's funny).

Suffice it to say, one particular individual in this group of individuals that may or may not exist has found himself in an unexpected relationship. This hypothetical individual's paramour was a member of Seattle's Lone Star police (when they held the city contract) when they met (she pulled him over for a traffic stop), and she has since changed employment due to... disagreements with certain departmental policies and concerns about the agency's corruption. While he (if he exists) has nothing against her personally, he is interested, as much as a hypothetical individual can be interested, in other romantic pursuits, though is too polite to simply have an affair behind her back, and too honorable (and intelligent) to make her go Houdini. She is aware, to some extent, of the contract work he does (if he exists), and such a hypothetical person feels she may be a potential security risk if no longer ... courted.

With standard runner methods of resolving this situation not being an acceptable option, what would you recommend he do (if he did, in fact, exist, which he may not)?
Hello, person that may or may not be threatening Rubic.

You look like you've gotten into a bit of a bind. Firstly, I don't think that your lady friend will be as big a security risk as you seem to believe as from what you've said she appears to have a personal code of integrity, which is why she left the Star in the first place. If you can avoid pissing her off she seems unlikely to be the type to go around selling secrets.

Of course, this means that your declaration of 'other interests' will need to be handled with extreme care. Would it be possible to get your lady friend interested in shopping around for another relationship? I could throw you Hollywood's contact details if you need her seduced, or alternatively you could try and make it appear that it's too dangerous to continue your relationship by having your team dress up as your 'enemies' and crash in on a date. If you can make it so she is the one suggesting that you start seeing other people then there is less likely to be bad blood between you.

Otherwise, try to let her down gently. I'm not an expert here as I stick with casual hookups to avoid these situations.

Hopefully some of that was helpful.
Damn cheap commlinks and their double posting!
In reading your blog, and watching the pirate-trid (purely for the alternative newfeeds not the fireworks--though s), I gather that the Vory and Triads are problematic for you, and probably have put prices on your head. I'd suggest Tokyo or Lagos as the best places to go to. Very little Vory or Triad activity in either of those places.

Also that explosion on the 24th was pretty awesome---though you should be worried about the friends of the bystanders in the buildings you leveled? Granted the whole nitro thing might get 90% of them off your case.
Well Warlordtheft, I'll start by saying that I'm delighted that you're enjoying my blog. It's always great to hear that people enjoy your writing.

Due to FuelDrop suffering some technical issues (he still uses a laptop. How quaint!) My latest blog post hasn't been circulated yet but suffice to say we've decided to go to Bali, steal the custom luxury yacht of a bunch of slavers Sylvia has a grudge with, then go cruising the high seas in style.

As a note about the explosions, I always make sure that any civilians are removed from the blast zone before we start setting up. I am not a fan of hurting innocent bystanders. Granted, this adds complications at times but those are the breaks.
Hey all! Zero here. I have a bit of a question. See, we've now got ourselves a luxury yacht (granted, it needs a little redecorating...) but on the trip over I discovered that ocean life doesn't exactly agree with me, and that's before factoring in my seafood allergy. Now I don't want to bail on my team as, crazy as they are, they sure know how to turn a profit. I'm considering a few options:

1) Purchase an amphibious cargo plane and kit it out as a mobile home/base. This way I can pick up the team and we can go and run wherever, and I can keep it at an air field or the like so I'm sleeping on solid ground.

2) Buy myself a Zeppelin, and outfit that as my new home.

Honestly I kinda prefer the Zeppelin idea but it has a huge gaping flaw (actually there are a couple, but this is the biggest one): Zeppelins aren't very fast, which means I'd have difficulty keeping up with the boat. Since increased maneuverability is kinda vital I'm going to go with the amphibious plane option, so here's my question:

What plane should I go with?

I've got a budget of half a mil total I'm willing to commit to this, and that has to include stuff like a suncell and amenities, with room for a jet ski and bike (or some unholy hybrid of the two) in the back also vital. I'm considering the R-F Fokker Tundra-9 [FuelDrop notes: SR 5 Core page 465 or Arsenal 113] as an option but if anyone can think of a better aircraft to mod up I'm all ears. (Given the number of humans on these boards, I should probably add no pun intended).
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Hoi Zero... Nexus here.
I think that the Tundra 9 is a solid choice, if you have a desire for landing on both land or water. We maintain a couple in our stable here in Hong Kong. My personal favorite, though, is a modded out Fed-Boeing Commuter. The VSTOL capabilities are just too much to pass up, though you could conceivably mod a Tundra, if you have some access to the right facilities and people. Good luck.

As for the Zeppelin - That is the absolute best choice, in my opinion. Currently living in one above Hong Kong, and it is glorious. If you are ever in Hong Kong throw me a message and I can give you a tour. smile.gif

Take care, and never deal with a Dragon.
Hi Zero.

It seems to me that "very fast" in your case must also be very relative. A World War I era zeppelin could reach speeds of 84 km/h, which is likely to be faster than most ocean-going vessels that are not hydrofoils or hovercraft. The Hindenburg had a top speed of 135 km/h, and was a mere two decades later in coming.

it seems like you should be able to get a fairly mobile zeppelin that should be able to handle keeping up with the rest of your team. Perhaps you should expend your search for sellers to historical enthusiasts? if you put some more modern motors onto an old airship, I would expect you should be able to outperform those old clunkers in both speed and staying power.
Awesome guys, thanks for the tips. Nexus, any suggestions for best Zeppelin? I've been pawing through a few of the manufacturer's listings and a couple are standing out, but since you're living in one ATM I figure you're the person to ask.
If you have the voltage to spare on your Zepp, you might want to consider adding some extra sturdy electrical arrays along the top and try to cultivate a colony of Aerial Lionheads, think giant floating jellyfish about 2 and half meter wide and about 10-12 meters from top to tip of the tentacles.

While normally found at higher altitudes than you are likely to go with your zeppelin, they do descend to storm cloud levels to feed on the electrical discharges in the clouds and with a bit of 'fishing' you might gather a following to hang out with you, providing you can maintain a trickle charge to the arrays for their usage. Even if they eventually return to their lofty domain, having spent some time with another fascinating creature of the awakening can be energizing. wink.gif
Hmmm... It's a tossup between the Goodyear Commuter 47 LTA, which is faster (just) and cheaper, and the Luftshiffbau 2053-C, which is a touch outside my budget (I've got some favors I can call in to cover that though) and is SO MUCH ROOMIER. I'm thinking that skimping out on what's likely to be my home for a long time is a bad idea, so I'm leaning towards the Luftshiffbau.

So, what should I get to go with it? Upgrades, runabouts, any suggestions like that?
If you can get your hands on one, a simple aerial PMV seems like it would be a good investment. LTA vehicles are notoriously difficult to land, and require special facilities to even try, and a PMV shouldn't break your budget too much.

As far as other upgrades are concerned, if you're already bending the limits of what your budget can handle, you may wish to focus on just getting the basic model now and upgrading later, unless you have reason to believe that a particular upgrade is going to earn you some money. Bearing in mind that things which keep people from shooting your new home out of the sky are going to earn you money by virtue of keeping you alive and earning money, of course.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (FuelDrop @ Jun 4 2014, 03:06 PM) *
Awesome guys, thanks for the tips. Nexus, any suggestions for best Zeppelin? I've been pawing through a few of the manufacturer's listings and a couple are standing out, but since you're living in one ATM I figure you're the person to ask.

Well, Zero... I do have the Data Sheet from my research still lying around. Give me a Second and I will grab it...
Ahhh... Here you go. smile.gif

Luftschiffbau Zeppelin H&W Classique IVz
This Super Yacht is the brainchild of designer Roman Abramovich, and brings together two of the most influential companies in Zeppelin and Yacht design and construction. In the year 2066, Luftschiffbau Zeppelin, in partnership with Harland & Wolfe, introduced the Classicque IVz Air Yacht. It was an immediate success with the Rich and Famous throughout the world. The most Interesting thing about this Yacht is that it may be customized to the individual’s own tastes and requirements. It is the ultimate in Luxury Living. But wait, THERE’S MORE. With the Classique IVz, you never have to worry about being without power ever again, as it has been equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art SunCell Technologies systems that allow it to stay in the air almost indefinitely.

The Luftschiffbau Zeppelin H&W Classique IVz is in a class all by itself. Measuring an impressive one hundred and ten meters (358 Feet) in length, it is a shameless display of decadence and wealth. An Air yacht of this size usually has six decks (two lower, 2 Main, and 2 Upper Decks). Typically, a yacht of this size includes the following accommodations and amenities:

The Lower deck possesses an exterior atmospheric platform at the stern; Six guest cabins with en-suite bath or shower rooms aft, a medical centre, and the engine room amidships. Additionally, the Drone maintenance facility and Drone Rack is located here. The two Main decks share a sheltered exterior deck aft leading into the main salon, dining room and galley. There is an entrance amidships, next to the owner's tandem suites, located forward. In addition, there is a Sim-Deck enhanced cinema with an expansive Simsense library, a playroom, and additional living areas such as a separate bar, secondary dining room, private sitting rooms and a library. Also included are several jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, along with an enclosed Swimming Pool and Plunge Pool (with an optional wave-maker). In addition, there is a small PMV bay located here that stores up to a dozen PMV’s for ready use.

The Upper decks boasts an exterior deck aft, often used for outdoor dining, a second salon (often called the sky lounge) a wet bar inside and outside, a sixth stateroom will be amidships if it is not on the lower deck or part of the owner's suite, a fully equipped gym (may also be on the lower deck or part of the owner's suite), and a Command/Communications Facility and Bridge. There is a Sun deck on the roof of the upper deck, which also features a Jacuzzi and a helicopter landing platform.

An entertainment package that includes all of the best SimSense feeds throughout the world, Large AR and VR entertainment hookups, and a complete satellite and modern communications array.

Additional Facilities aboard the yacht include an atmospheric processing plant that extracts the water from the atmosphere and purifies it for consumption. There are several large holding tanks to store the output. In addition, this processor provides an additional source for the gasses that fill the zeppelin, to minimize the loading and storage of atmospheric gasses. There is also a very large food and perishable storage facility, to reduce re-supply functions.

Std. Upgrades: Lighter than Air (Includes Level 2 Improved takeoff and Landing), Luxury Accommodations and Amenities (Yacht).
Base Operational Time: 480 Hours (At Cruising Speeds) to 960 Hours (Station-Keeping). Sun Cell technologies extend this time out dramatically.
Operational Ceiling: 5,000 Meters (16,250 Feet)

[ Spoiler ]

I can give you my contact if you wish to go into negotiations. It may be an expensive taste, but it is well worth every nuyen spent. They manufacturers bend over backwards to accommodate your requests and tastes. As long as you have the Nuyen, they will deal with you. smile.gif
Wow, that's beautiful!
I'll call in some favors and see if I can stretch my budget to fit. How distinctive is it's profile compared to other zeppelins? Also, can I get a launching drone rack for large drones added? I want to add a medivac drone in case I get hurt doing... extreme sports. Yeah, that's my story.

Also, can they tweak the engines a bit? 36 km an hour isn't exactly a massive top speed.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (FuelDrop @ Jun 5 2014, 07:30 AM) *
Wow, that's beautiful!
I'll call in some favors and see if I can stretch my budget to fit. How distinctive is it's profile compared to other zeppelins? Also, can I get a launching drone rack for large drones added? I want to add a medivac drone in case I get hurt doing... extreme sports. Yeah, that's my story.

Also, can they tweak the engines a bit? 36 km an hour isn't exactly a massive top speed.

They are indeed works of art.
Well, it is a luxury yacht, so they do tend to have distinctive profiles. I do know that they can "dirty them up" if that is your preference, to make them less distinctive, maybe like a standard cargo zeppelin from the outside. Talk to the rep when you get a chance. They have a LOT of custom options. As for the Launching Drone Rack, I don't see why not, I have one in mine. Again, it is just one of many options. cool.gif

Might be able to get an engine upgrade. That was not something I looked into, personally, as 36 km/h worked for me (I don't tend to get all that far away from Asia, most of the time). Still, it is faster than most, if not all, cargo ships. smile.gif
Tymeaus Jalynsfein. That is one very beautiful vessel. Any chance you have a total cost figure for that thing somewhere? My browse program is screwing with me at the moment, so for the time being, I'm having rather more trouble finding the regular cost for the vessel, than I ought to have. Think I need to try to purge and clean my deck again l:-/
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (Kyrel @ Jun 5 2014, 11:32 AM) *
Tymeaus Jalynsfein. That is one very beautiful vessel. Any chance you have a total cost figure for that thing somewhere? My browse program is screwing with me at the moment, so for the time being, I'm having rather more trouble finding the regular cost for the vessel, than I ought to have. Think I need to try to purge and clean my deck again l:-/

It is the culmination of many years of Running. My life of luxury is proceeding apace since my semi-retirement. smile.gif I will turn you over to my financial planner and Handler for the fine details.

Input from my Handler...
[ Spoiler ]
As wonderous as that is, I may need to put it on my wish list for now as I'm still constrained by a *shudder* budget.

Also, I may have to pass on a trip to Hong Kong in the near future as I think the Triads are still a little bit upset with me. Something to do with stealing their stuff and starting a war between them and the Vory, complete overreaction on their part. However, a result of that is I need to be a bit careful where I go for the next year or so. After they get over it I may swing by.

Say, when I have my new flying palace does anyone have a suggestion on where to go? I'm thinking that I might do some tourism stuff on the way, so does anyone know of any high-paying jobs going on somewhere pretty?
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