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Full Version: Matrix Reaction & Initiative
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Hi there!

I have read in the excellent "matrix guide thread" about the maximum of the matrix initiative. Its said that it would be "10+5d6 initiative rating (the max you can have in the Matrix)"

Now, I wondered about that because the Matrix book states that the bonus from DNI, response increase and hot ASIST could be max. +10 reaction and 5d6. Wouldn't it be possible to add the base reaction / ini to the total bonus because those are not coming from the cyberdeck enhancements?

for example:
response time 3 = +6 reaction and +3 dice ini
pure DNI + hot assist = +2 reaction and 1 die ini
reality filter = +2 reaction and 1 die ini

Total +10 reaction and 5 dice
At this time the bonus points are capped at maximum.

If my decker has INT = 6 (using pure DNI) + cellebral Booster (2) and hase 1d6 base INI
would he then the reaction 18 + 6d6,
or stick with the 10 + 5d6?
Correct, the maximum BONUS is +10/+5D6.

Anything that increases your calculated Reaction isn't a 'bonus' per se. So cybware or spells that increase your INT (given your pure DNI scenario) would increase your base Reaction, and then you would add modifers for Response Increase, DNI, hot ASIST, etc. So yes, 18+6d6 is correct.
Great thank you for the information! smile.gif
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