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Full Version: Dwarf toxin resistance
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Yum Donuts
Ok, I was looking to make a character who could slam back beer with the best of them, as one defining point of his character. So, I obviously though of dwarves first since they get a +2 body vs poison and disease. then I realized I get that exact same +3 effective body for being an ork, minus some cha and int, but plus the ability to have those 3 body also help me take melee hits.

+2 body just isn't enough, I feel. Double natural body rating would be better, or a +4 (put them in line with trolls). If you're gonna give them a bonus like that, make it worth something, especially if it's supposed to compensate for the run multiplier of 2.

Am I alone on this?
Herald of Verjigorm
Toxin extractors.

Anyway, drarves aren't supposed to be immune to booze. They are supposed to be little guys with only one stat disadvantage, natural thermographic vision and a few stat bonuses.
Yeah, quit stereotyping dwarves! wink.gif
Stereotypes can be fun. As can turning them on their head- dwarven recovering alcoholic anyone? smile.gif
I'm sure an edgge or two would help you here. Resistance to toxins is a good start. Maybe your GM would allow you to buy extra dice for resisting booze at a 1 pt=1 die ratio? IE: A multi-level power? Or you could make a heavy drinker edge that gives you TN and body modifiers. There'd be a similar flaw called 'lightweight' that would give TN penalties and penalty body dice.
John Campbell
Just go with a koborokuru and use one of your free natural immunities on alcohol. And, as an added bonus, you don't have to deal with the reduced dwarf running modifier, either.
Beh. I don't think anyone should be talking about improving dwarves before we switch Elves to a D priority/5 build points. POWER TO THE /smack.
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