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Abdul Alhazred
Trying to fine tune a Decker.

Combat Decker

I'm more worried that his Decking abilities aren't up to snuff. What tricks I can use with the Agent, and what I can fine tune.

I'm using the just released Hero Lab version of SR5.
why the muscle replacement? your cyberlimb is taking care of most of your needs in relation to strength and agility. if you're worried about your hacking abilities, i would recommend devoting a few resources towards cerebral enhancers instead. though frankly, your hacking abilities are pretty near the chargen max barring the use of special qualities.

also, i'm not sure if i'm reading the cyberlimb properly, but if that's supposed to be customization in strength and agility at 9, you definitely can't have your agility that high. max customization for orks in agility is 6 (but the strength is fine). alternately, if that's supposed to be the attribute after the rating 3 enhancement, then that should be fine, at least for most people's interpretation of how cyberlimbs are supposed to work (which isn't terribly well explained in terms of how it interacts with the usual limit that you can't exceed your natural attribute by 4).

also, i would hesitate to take any sort of addiction in a situation where you are forced to use official rules. the official rules for addiction in SR5 are really really nasty. now, granted, addiction should be a pretty unpleasant thing, but it's just really brutally bad in SR5. as in, it will keep getting to higher and higher levels of addiction unless you completely get rid of it, or die before it can get that bad.
How were you able to link your character sheet like that?
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