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Full Version: SupersonicRave or why are the dogs dancing?
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How common are cyberear enhancements?

The book makes out cybereyes being fairly common, but just wonder how many people spring for audio enhancements.

And with this would there be there a genre of music catering to folk with the ability to hear a range higher or lower than the norm?

So you could still have your main music mix, but added music in ranges the normal ear just wouldn't pick up on.

While an admittedly small market, it could have its appeal in some circles.
There is music that caters to magicians and they only make up 1% of the population so why not this? I'm sure there could be a whole hipster style audience that likes the music because no one else can hear it.
honestly, i'd expect ear augmentation to be fairly common, too.

as the world gets louder and louder, ear damage gets more and more common... and i suspect there are probably a lot more people who have to put up with very loud noises (such as gunfire) than in modern north america. not to mention that with all the people who most likely listen to extremely loud music at raves, parties, etc... i mean, now that you can probably just go in for a simple procedure that only costs a few hundred nuyen (and can include an upgrade to not need to worry about loud noises in the future for some extra nuyen), i would expect people to spring for that on a regular basis whenever their hearing isnt' excellent. i mean, if people are going in for eye replacement just because they can (particularly when glasses can repair most medical concerns as well as provide an input for matrix use and can have near full cybereye functionality for anyone who doesn't have the job of "shooting people", and are socially acceptable, while hearing aids are considerably less well received and can be equally easily replaced by a simple implantation).
I'd assume that ultra hearing music used to be nova hot, but now is being or already is replaced by AR music.
There's a canon GANG with Voice/Hearing Augmentations.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jun 3 2014, 10:50 AM) *
There's a canon GANG with Voice/Hearing Augmentations.

now I have to go digging through the stacks for that one....

Were they called the Banshees? nyahnyah.gif
Not sure, i ain't good with remembering names.
If it had ponypunks with Voice/Hearing enhancements I bet you would remember nyahnyah.gif
and you'd win that bet too.
the night hunters of Seattle circa 2051 had modulated their voices and ears to hear high frequencies sonic squeels that they could only understand amongst each other

Into the Shadows. pg 47/ biggrin.gif
Cybereyes with flare comp and lowlight, and cyberears with dampener and level 1 audio enhancement would only set you back 5000 nuyen.gif.

With that you would have perfect eyesight, no need for sunglasses, lowlight vision a built-in high res camera and video recorder, replacement for your computer monitor, perfect hearing, immunity to normal "loud noises", and the ability to record sound and playback sound without an annoying ear buds.

Seems like a lot, but honestly if I could do it, then I would start saving TODAY.
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