I played a unique game of "Shadowrun" earlier that I had to share. I played a game of Star Wars as a Mr. Johnson. Some of you may be familiar with living RPG groups. Missions are an example, you play the same character in organized play under different GMs and or players at conventions. I'm part a group called Sparks that does d6 Star Wars and unlike Missions there's no upper experience limit so characters can get fairly rich and powerful. I have one of those. One of the highlights of the group is once a con or so we have a "seminar" which is used to partly advance the campaign metaplot and partly allow players to pursue their own agenda. Mine has been to subvert a planet that I've installed myself as lord and protector of after killing the Sith oppressor (again, Star Wars) in a module and moving into his castle. Subverting a planet is time consuming and for game balance reasons you're only allowed set amounts of time to work on your goals because we have to fit this in convention slots. So I decided to become a mister Johnson. I needed someone killed, no one huge in game but he's a member of the government and I didn't want any association with his death. I contacted one of the GMs and had him put out a posting on the message group under an assumed name looking for someone willing to use their seminar time to get their hands dirty for money. I live in Chicago and a group in DC got together to do the job. This is extra amusing because I (and thus my character) would not be at the convention or Seminar and thus provided the best alibi ever. I got to sit back and watch the e-mail chain as the group accepted the mission along with various bonuses and then go to the convention to get the details. Unbeknownst to me when the players sat down with the local judge (we had to let in someone else to run the game on their end) one of the players was the author of the module where the castle and sith lord was from. By random chance he got to play murder hobo in his own creation. The players successfully completed the wet work and completed all the bonuses except "find proof he's a bad guy." I guess that wasn't something they cared much about. Watching other players half way across the country do my bidding without them knowing who was behind it is the best money I ever spent in that game.

I've got to do this again.