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Hi everyone,
after a long pause we are starting a new SR4 group next week. I'll be the GM and am at the moment relearnig the rules for everything having to do with the Matrix. We'll be using SR4 Anniversary Edition and Unwired (both German versions).

I have some questions about agents.
I'm not sure what counts against the processor limit. Say I have an agent running on my comlink. The agent itself counts as one. Now I have stealth, analyse and exploit running. Which would bring me to 4. If I want to load the agent with attack, shield and stealth, which of these programms count against my limit? None, because I'm running them in an agent; two, because stealth is already running on my link so only attack and shield count; all three, because I'm running an extra copy of stealth for the agent.

If I don't want the agent to block my resources, I can load it to another node, as I understand. The agent will use the processor of the node. But to get the agent to the node, I need an account with the right privileges (Security or Admin), right?
What are the dangers of doing that?

And last but not least, I am not sure if agents need their own account. So if I bring one with me, does it have to hack its own account, do I have to create an account for the agent once I'm in (having the right privileges), or can I just use it as a normal programm on my account as long as it is running on my link?

Thanks in advance for your help,
AFAIK and IIRC (my SR books are currently out of reach)

1) You need only to lead up if the agent should act on his own (for example for another node). Otherwise: each program counts as +1, but the agent can use the running programs himself.

2) The dangers are the usual things: traceback to you or killing the agent without you knowing it and failing the mission.

3) The agent does not need an own account, however he must have the access privileges as usual (or hack them).

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