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Backstory/season 3 mission journal
(character concept was soldier with some augments who awakened after his upgrades, still goes mainly by what shaman/magicians do on the trids and hates the fact he's a drake and wont shift unless thats the only option to escape. Gm wanted someone odd to be able to occasionally go a bit over the top when we mess up plus helps justify gm fiat to make us leave an area)

My name is Cael and if you are reading this I’m dead or worse.
Ok drama is out of the way and I’m hoping no one will ever read this but if someone does… This might help someone in the same boat as I am.
I had been in the process of drinking myself into an early grave when I was approached by a Corporation,14 months of field testing a new “package” and reporting on it and its mine. That should have been warning flag number one an offer too good to be true. So within a few days I was enroute to [redacted] to get some hardware installed. I got package vp7: cyber eyes with smart link and lowlight vision, bone density augment, platelet factories and synaptic boosters. By the time I left the hospital I had even detoxed and life wasn’t looking bad.
The test was to see if the hardware gave me a greater edge in combat against other mildly augmented opponents. So we got grouped into squads and got 3 weeks of training and attached to the UCAS military for border skirmishes that were not officially happening. I did well enough in the training to be sent to the scouts. Now sorry to go off tangent but I swear even with the 3 weeks of training half of the dip shits there couldn’t tell the business end of their ak-97’s from a lollipop. My old drill instructors would have washed out half of these guys on the grounds that they had to be legally brain dead.
Time passed well enough, treatment was decent even except to get more than two meals a day you bartered gear. How do you get gear you ask, do “Aggression patrols” and strip corpses for stuff to trade in to the quarter master. After the 14 months I decided to stay a bit longer to build up a nest egg. Because every extra month we stayed the Corp would place 1200 into our release account to be turned over upon discharge.
Then the mission that turned every thing to a big steaming pile. Take our squad to meet up with a fire team and escort them back to the Bat. Firebase so they could crack the enemies comcode. We met up with them just fine 17 clicks from base camp on our way back we were ambushed. 7 personnel milspec armor magic support basicly everything that screams spec ops. The firefight was chaos and I don’t remember much of it except that fucking fireball. Burned like hell and tossed me a few feet and that’s with diving for cover. So that is my awakening. Yeah its not all sunshine and roses, fear and panic is how my awakening to magic happened that and not wanting to die. My rifle was slag I tried to line up a decent shot with my sidearm from behind cover but everything was glowing. I was angry and just wanted someone to suffer to know how bad being burnt hurt. I saw one of the enemey troops turn towards me and three orange lines wrapped around him in a sort of spiral then I heard a wooomp and he was on fire. I felt like all the wind had been knocked out of me and slumped catching my breath. The tree in front of me was tore apart by automatic fire and I took one to the arm. That would be where things went from nightmare level weird to The mayan cutter’s wet dream level of weird. I don’t know how or why but im in the body of some kind of huge lizard biting someone’s head. By the time I calmed down enough im human again still bleeding in pain and naked. No sounds at all around me, no gun shots no screams of people in pain. My camo suit was shredded so was my ruck, I grabbed the spare suit slapped on a field dressing, used a slap patch with painkillers. Then I checked on my squad or what looked like the largest chunks of them. Grabbed a ruck and a rifle loaded up on gear grabbed every incendiary grenade scooped up the comcase and I tossed the grenades. Yes all of them because burn any blood you leave so the magicians and shaman cant mind rape you or do worse things.
Then I ran ,sometimes I slowed down to catch my breath but I would feel something watching me so I would pick up the pace again.To be honest I don’t know how long it took to get back but it felt like forever and the second I saw the firebase I picked up speed yelling turkey baster at the top of my lungs. Silly sounding running password but we were feeling goofy it was just another low threat mission. Once inside My rambling about they’re all dead, spec ops ,and fireballs plus the fact that id bled through my field dressing had me sent to the med tent while the comcode was turned over to command. I got patched up and was recommend for 3 days of stress relief R&R. At our tent…shit my tent even now its hard to admit they’re gone.I crammed everything I could into the ruck and went to see the quarter master. I traded the 3 day R&R an smg and a few other things for a get out of dodge ride in the back of a cargo plane. Traded him my comlink with the active sin so whoever could get the vacation.
I got out in buffalo and spent three and a half months running away, so far what I found out was: all of the people who left the project are dead. I looked for Troy, crazy ass orc who was in scouts with me and said I should look him up and have a beer. His family was told he was shot trying to escape from a prison and were given a bill for ammo and disposal. The day he was escaping from this prison he was boarding the flight after having out processed. So that Corp was never going to let us live, just more icing on the cake. The Corp responsible was either MCT or [redacted] with a high end clinic located at [file corrupted].

About being a drake: a lot of rumors so lets start with flying. If I shift I can fly, not well though its like running you have to do it to be good at it. Fire breathing that’s another one that’s a yes. But remember if you are spitting out a giant stream of fire you are pretty easy to see and shoot. Third nope not bullet proof, im sure the scales can stop some attacks but you are better off with body armor. Immortality-ok that one I kind of doubt but its only been a few months. Your cyber/bioware isn’t there when you shift. No boosted reflexes ,smart link ect. But I don’t have hands either to use any weapons. Human form you have armor and a decent assault rifle and your implanted hardware shifted you have scales and claws. Don’t buy into the hype of how special a drake is, unless special means scared ,hungry ,cold and constantly running. Anyone finds out what you are or even suspects it and you become nothing more than their Christmas bonus. I don’t know if being a drake makes all of us able to use magic but if you can, learn about it. Get copies of old study guides for MIT&M ect plus worksheets and homework that’s been posted and read up on it. I know being on the run I slept fully dressed. Then I learned after 2 occasions where I shifted in my sleep and destroyed what I was wearing. Also sleeping on your back then shifting if you have wings is about as comfortable as an Azzie physical.
June 22 2073
I just got to NY met up with Darrin a pawnbroker that knows some people who know some people. He said he could get me some work doing what he calls runs, this was after he had his friend test me out. It seems testing means try to beat me into a sobbing pile of blood and goo so I shot him…repeatedly. When someone’s neck is bigger than my leg I know they’re stronger than me, I just have to have enough strength to pull a trigger. When I turned to lay out Darrin he’s just standing there grinning like an idiot telling me I passed and solved a problem for him. It seems noneck was the muscle that did shakedowns for some local gangers. That kind of news is as pleasant to hear as getting sodomized by a jackhammer ,so Darrin is going to be added to my list of people who are going to suffer. Oh not now or soon because he is going to expect it, but I think in about a year when he’s forgotten all about it there is going to be a nice little fire.
So he does me the favor of introducing me to a fixer, some guy that calls himself Peaceman. With as high as he is I suspect the only thing he is capable of fixing is a sandwich when the inevitable munchies kick in. then again I don’t have any other options, im almost out of funds and down to an uzi iv, colt l-36 and my UCAS pilots survival knife with barely enough ammo to have a full mag in my weapons. My current bs SIN is shaky and I cant remember the last time I showered or slept on anything resembling a mattress.
ooc, he has only a few magic related skills spellcasting counterspell summoning and assessing all at 2 mag at 3 all to fit the newly awakened feel. i figured with not having too much time but also limiting what he has picked up 2 was ok but maybe im a little off. we ran the game earlier today i'll update tomorrow,dont spoil it for me please:) we promised not to read the books and im sure you guys already have.
June 25 2073
Got a call today to meet up for work and introduction to a team. Did the trix get upgraded? Because im pretty sure I could smell what he was on. Had less than an Hr to freshen up put on whatever can pass for clean and head to some print shop.
The Team
Elf female, calls herself Ash.I did the peekabo into the astral and definitely has some kind of mojo but I don’t really know what. Less of the expected im better than you attitude and no visible weapons. With the pony tail and power suit she looks like a corp middle management . Bit too smooth of an operator during the whole brief she always managed to say just the right thing, definitely keeping an eye on that one.
Dwarf male,calls himself Dorn. 1M tall and looks like he is held together with scar tissue. If any words can describe him it’s gun nut. I saw atleast 2 pistol sized bulges and the grip of an Ingram. No obvious hardware but he reacts a bit too quick. After hearing him talk he knows weapons and not in the “I’m tak-ti-kool” kind of way, he says he is a multilateral lead dispenser. I think that means he is the muscle .
Amerind male, calls himself Broken feather. This guy is average in every way, you just sort of forget he is there. Tech specialist is what he calls himself mainly matrix but a few drones. Doesn’t really talk much unless he starts some kind of techno babbling ,then he will not shut up
The job is to return a runaway package. Pay was 3000 and a 2 day visitor pass plus 500 for expenses, Ash did some car sales woman logic getting us an extra 100 for our team expenses. I was at the table and didn’t follow any of it. When it came down to my intro to them I was mostly honest. Told them I can call up a wind spirit, use mojo to help someone be invisible, im pretty handy with automatic type weapons, and I can peeka boo into the astral. The seeing auras is apparently something Ash cannot do, she does combat magic and social adapt. Calls herself a mystic adapt of the wheel ,put her in a black suit and she’s describing a trid ninja. During this whole discussion Broken feather is off in his own world, I was assured he is doing research while we get a feel for each others abilities. Dorn is logical and precise not joking around now that hes on the clock and its shoptalk, thinks we should sneak and avoid checkpoints leave no trace. 200 a person each way is the going rate, with these costs and possibly some bribes how do these guys avoid starving? I have 58 left, Dorn is willing to spot me on a 20% mark up after we are paid and if I die he gets my weapons. Im a few days from mugging grannies for their groceries so im still in.
Broken feather did a facial match and something about a data trail. Basically he found us a good place to start and we’re off. One VTOL ride later we are boots on the ground and comlinks get switched to broadcast . I call up a wind spirit just in case we need it to conceal us, and thank it for its help. After some back alley moving we get near the subway that should take us to where we need to start. After the train ride we are at uptown, feather is looking through cameras Ash is the only one who can leave the station without drawing attention so she does that while naming camera locations and responding to whatever tech support is asking or telling. Half hr later she is back saying we need to go to the terminal, I’m lost but everyone else seems to know what she means. it’s the ghetto no one cares if you go in but security is tight trying to come out and its where we started. This time its not a Vtol ride back in but a sewer run dodging in and out of branching systems and sub basements.
So the good news is no alligators in the sewers but we did find devil rats took over half of my remaining ammo and I used what I had loose to top off my mag. 13 rounds left, oh joy. We get to the coffin hotel without further issues and spot our target walking out to meet up with some street muscle, too much swagger to be pro’s. We tail until she meets up with some corp security. Then I make Ash invisible as she’s putting on a gas mask and ask the wind spirit to conceal us. Uzi at the ready it turns into Lin our target starts twitching and Dorn is hucking two gas grenades one nausea one cs. The twitching was apparently the taser to the neck and signal to throw chemical ordinance.
I cant see jack through the cloud of cs, apparently the corpsec only want our targets comlink .Dorn and Broken feather both say its worth a shot, then I get asked what do you think. And that’s a new thing for me, im used to “you go do this” not asked what I thought. Im all for it if we can gtfo of there. One zip cuffed package and some freshly liberated new weapons we’re calling up Peaceman and getting our location for drop off.

(ooc,this one was a nice starter run not sure where it goes from here or who we pissed of getting the package but it'll be fun to find out)
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