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Full Version: Conspicuous infected and adept powers
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I've been wondering, if a ghoul/dzoo-no-qua/nosferatu/goblin adept would be able to cover up his_her obvious characteristics with facial sculpt, melanin control, keratin control, and most importantly master of a 1000 faces from Spy Games (p. 164). Since it allows adepts to imitate other metatypes and change their height and weight, I would say - yes, they can bulk up on muscle mass, body fat, and hair, lose skin rashes, claws, pointy teeth or dermal plates to become adequately or even wholly inconspicuous.

What do you think? smile.gif
Technically, Master of 1000 Faces allows anyone to assume "any possible metahuman or ethnic trait", so just the target identity matters -- even a centaur may play a dwarf, just not a cyclops darf with five arms. With a bit of common sense thrown in, the fundamental shape of the body (number of limbs, knees bent forward of backwards) still needs to remain the same. So if you want to change a D-N-Q into the most beautiful elf I might object, but as long as you just want to look like a normal specimen of your metatype, why not?
IIRC without Masking your infected nature will still show up in your aura.
Good point. There is a new illusion spell which allows you to fake auras, but I cannot remember the name. initiation using Karmagen or BP isn't possible, right?

Edit: Also, do you think regeneration helps with the damage of accelerated change? If you considered it drain, then it wouldn't help.
You can initiate with karmagen and GM permission. See pg. 43 of Runners Companion. Its in the black box in that page.
Generally regeneration can't heal magical damage. If the damage from accelerated change is brought on by magic (and it probably is since this is an adept power) then regen won't help you.
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