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Prime Mover
Not seeing any mention of SRO default setting and what I assume is follow up to Stolen Souls.
Lockdown sourcebook (200pg hardcover?).

Jackpoint twitter feed ( ) regularly posting about Boston lockdown and other events, which we have no reference for. SRO kickstarter backers or early downloaders might be more in the know?

Found this blurb from Kickstarter.

A little teaser of the story, it all starts with a blurry trideo recordings of a dragon suddenly emerging from an underground complex in mid-town, writhing in agony and then going totally crazy, killing hundreds of people in a mad frenzy, laying waste to a corporate arcology, leaving a weird trace of iridescent rain… and a whole city having to deal with the aftermath. Welcome to Shadowrun Online: LOCKDOWN!

Any other info out there I'm missing?
The folks at CliffHanger are running a contest (details at the prize for which includes "a digital copy of the Lockdown SR5 campaign book". That's about as much as I've been able to find about it.
Running Tally on the official german SR5 board:
i am a backer for SRO with 250+$, but i haven't really been following it anymore.
the alpha is playable and nintendo hard. and i am a bit disappointed in the system.
and i don't really like this twitter bullshit either.
Pegasus' Extrapuls newsletter has some new/newly collected information:

According to an in-universe reporter, the "viral encephalitis" was developed by a Human Nation cell which infiltrated the MIT&T. Damon tried to crash the party, but it ended up with Damon "badly affected and obviously confused" and trying to take cover in the NeoNET towers. Their security attacked, and he crashed into the Red Sox stadium before seemingly recovering and taking off towards the north "which allegedly caused a release of a high dose of the viral agent across the town" [I guess that would be the rainbow rain].

Symptoms seemingly include erratic and aggressive behavior and eventual death, especially orks and trolls seem to suffer fatal outcomes. Norms were initially unaffected, but the first casualties are coming in...
Lockdown is referred as an upcoming release in Stolen Souls. Also, it will not be about London, but Boston.
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