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Full Version: Traditions: A Simple Idea
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Just been leafing through Street Grimoire and, as people mentioned, I noticed that there really hasn't been much of a defining aspect brought back in for Shaman vs Magician, but they did list all the Traditions just like back in MiTS. I also noted, again as people mentioned, the Tradition Spell Lists and Adept powers that don't have any mechanical benefit they're just thematically appropriate. I was a tad disappointed. I nearly dug out MiTS to apply the Tradition bonuses from there, but then a more "elegant" idea struck me... And I'm shocked I haven't seen it anywhere on here.

Simply, at my table, those using the Tradition will be getting a +2 bonus dice for Tradition Spells (yep, im awar that thats a pretty big bonus, and that if you mix the right Mentor + Tradition + Specialisations + Foci you can get one hell of a dice pool). I haven't looked through the Adept stuff yet completely so haven't settled on a mechanic for them (probably be a reduced PP cost for buying those Powers).

Thoughts? Has this been done before and I missed it?
My question would be what are you defining as Tradition Spells?

Are you referring only to the 4-5 Preferred spells mentioned for Tradition or something else?

Because it could work, but I suspect you are going to have people debating what spells might fit better than the 'preferred' list.
Currently, yep, I'm talking about the "Preferred spells" although I'm still tempted to translate across the mechanics from MitS.
Would you have it stack with specialization or would it count as a free minor specialization?
I'd allow it to stack, mostly because the Tradition bonuses stacked in SR3. So it's a free bonus if you follow the Tradition and a big boost if you match your specialisations to your Tradition. I'm also looking at some downsides though (because the old tradition mechanics also provided that too).
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