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Full Version: San Onofre Irradiated Zone DMZ
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I'm running a group through "A Fistful Of Credsticks" and things, of course, have gone a little off the rails. The sniper attack on I-5 critically wounded the team's Face, and the group got it in their heads that the best course of action would be to drive down to San Diego to get him medical attention there. Their reasoning seeming to be it's probably where the assassins are not.

It looks like the trip down I-5 would take them into an irradiated DMZ between the PCC and Aztlan. Supposing the avoid any awkward questions about the guy with the nasty bullet wound; would the PCC allow civilian traffic past the checkpoint they would have set up on I-5 in the first place? And if they did get through, how bad would the radiation be if they stay inside the car and move at a good clip?

I'm really hoping if the militarized border doesn't scare them back to L.A., maybe the CAUTION RADIATION signs will and we can get back on track.
San Diegon is Aztlan. The border there is about as easy to pass as the DMZ between North and South Korea, by the descriptions. They just will not get ion. But make a pointn of telling thejm to read up on the radiation rules and have them roll a couple times if you really ant to scare your players.
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