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Full Version: Foci stacking
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I know it is a stupid question, but as your much-loved powergamer from the block, I have to ask you anyway. I just bonded a spellcasting focus force 4 and now got the opportunity to receive a force 6 power focus for implantation (and more important: for free). IIRC the power focus “overwrites” the benefits from the spellcasting focus. But is there any possibility, that the karma for bonding this thing wasn´t lost? There is no team-roll between these 2 foci, isn´t it
Short of taking it down to Astral Al's Foci Recycling Facility down in Aston to have your karma from the first foci refunded back onto your KarmaKard™, probably gonna have to say no.
frown.gif Thought so, thanks.
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