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Full Version: [SR 4] Explain the "Timebomb" pathogen for me
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Hi, I've been looking over the diseases in Augmentation and stumbled a bit over the rules for the "Timebomb" infection on p. 134. What kind of confuses me is this line:
After the third resistance test, the pathogen suddenly releases the mycotoxin, leading to an increase of the Power level, which must be then resisted, causing Physical damage.

However, there are no rules for how the Power level is supposed to be increased. I mean, sure, the Power level for every disease can increase over time, as explained by the resistance rules on p. 130. But does Timebomb have another way to increase its power level after the 3rd resistance test?
The way I understand it right now, it works like that:
  1. Alice comes into contact with Timebomb
  2. After 12 hours she makes a pathogen resistance test against a Power of 10 and rolls 4 successes. No damage is dealt, but she feels nauseous and suffers the effects of it.
  3. After another 12 hours she makes another resistance test against 9 (Power 3 plus the 6 left over from the last test). She rolls 6 successes. Again, no damage is dealt, she feels nauseous but the remaining power of 3 is less than her willpower so it doesn't affect her too much.
  4. 12 hours later, time for the next and 3rd resistance test against 6. Alice rolls 3 successes. Now she takes 3 damage, nausea doesn't really affect her.
  5. 12 hours, 1 resistance test against 6 Again. Alice rolls 6 successes, no damage, no nausea effects.
  6. 12 hours, 1 resistance test against 3. 3 successes, no damage, no nausea effects

Then what does the sentence I cited mean? How is the power level increased? Is it 10 again, after the 3rd test and they forgot to mention it? It's really kind of confusing...

Speed 12 hours, Minimum Number of Tests 5

1st Test: Power 10, no Damage
2nd Test: Power 3, would do Damage but is unlikely to do so.
3rd Test: Iffy, but I think this is done at Power 3 (+residual power if any) again (increase power AFTER 3rd Test)
4th+5th test: Power 10 (+residual power)
subsequent tests: residual power

Short version: After exposure you have 48 hours to get O-Cells or magical treatment. Or have Body and Edge to spare (have to do math, donīt think it will work).
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