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Full Version: Unlimited Healing Adept
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Takes 2 powerpoints
1 pp: Transmit Damage - Bullets and Bandage p. 22 - take your damage and transfer it to enemy every time you hit (you get healed 1 damage box)
.5 pp: Empathic Healing" - Street Grimoire p. 173 - take on your friend's wounds onto yourself
.5 pp: Killing hands - prerequisite

I don't think I need to go through the details on how to do this.

Now, what about healing lots of damage? How do you find so many opponents to transfer onto?
Who says you need to hit enemies? Hit your friends lightly, and heal them with spellcasting. Since each hit is a new damage, you can heal it as a new battle wound.
Keep in mind it transfers the damage, it doesn't cause new damage.

Case in point, because the source of damage matters. Drain can't be healed magically, for instance.

If Regeneration can't heal drain, then neither can this.

That being said, yeah, this is a totally abusable power.
Modular Man
It's also way expensive. As I recall, "Transmit Damage" has a rating which sets the upper limit to how much damage can be transferred, and comes with a price tag of 1 power point per level. Also, you need to cause as much unresisted damage to your enemy first. So it takes a talented martial artist (or some cheating) to effectively get rid of a mere gunshot wound.

It gets abusive once the adept starts hitting smalll critters. Cat-in-a-bag-man, anyone?
or cat-lady from Simpsons... biggrin.gif What about an Ant-Farm?
As others have said the power appears open to abuse, but to be effective it requires an adept to a.) spend a bunch of power points, b.) engage in combat (or blatantly assault bystanders- either approach should have consequences) and c.) succeed in an opposed test- all this just to heal a couple boxes of damage. As pointed out, it cannot heal drain, as there are rules in both recent editions that preclude that. When you really think about it there are a lot easier and cheeper ways to heal a few boxes. This is really designed to support character fluff.

Also, if B&B ever gets an official errata, the power will be limited to metahuman targets. Until then I guess a bag of cats is technically a viable option, but I wouldn't allow it at my table. wink.gif
Imagine now a bi-directional, sado-masochistic relationship between two such adepts.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (pbangarth @ Aug 10 2014, 08:20 AM) *
Imagine now a bi-directional, sado-masochistic relationship between two such adepts.

Much like the Hungarian Wedding of Requiem. smile.gif
QUOTE (Tymeaus Jalynsfein @ Aug 11 2014, 11:30 AM) *
Much like the Hungarian Wedding of Requiem. smile.gif

I had to look that up. Cool. Yeah, I see the similarity. And I can see the idea of progressive insularization happening in the adept pact, too, though it is mostly about healing, rather than sustaining.
First, I am not sure that drain can't be healed with this trick. The way I see it, the source of damage to the second guy is "transmit damage" not "drain." But I am not going to argue the point because I -know- for a fact it will derail the thread. The only reason I will agree with you is "balance" and abuse.

Also, I am not sure what you guys are talking about wrt to apposed test. If I don't want to dodge a blow, I don't have to. There is no reason the adept has to put his full strength behind each punch when transmitting. He only wants/needs to do 1 point. Is it a called shot if the dwarf puts his hand on the table and tells you to punch it? Can I miss?

I see a number of applications for this trick:

1) Your troll takes 12 phys damage after armor, and you kill the bad guys. After first aid, and healing, you get it down to 4 hits which need to be healed by time alone. You then use this trick to distribute those 4 hits among the party and heal them 1 at a time.

2) A high end hospital has such an adept on the staff. When a vip comes in, this trick is used to get him on his feet within minutes. Then damage is distributed among the nursing staff, and healed 1 point at a time smile.gif

Last point about abuse: Maybe 2 powerpoints and 1 spell is not a cheap price for a combination that has zero tactical benefit; except for the benefit of speading up the campaign. I mean what do you guys do when the elf is hospitalized for 2 weeks. Do you fast-forward the world? Do the rest of the players go to the time-sensitive adventure while you tell 1 player to go home?
Surely there is some tactical advantage to doing application #1 if not all the bad guys are dead yet.
How about specifying that it has to be a metahuman enemy? If a spell can detect enemies, then so can a power, I presume. That would make it so you can't cheese it with your buddies.

If you want hospitalization to take less time, have futuristic regenerative medicine available for a price.
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