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Full Version: Apparently Frost and Fire came out today.
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I picked up a copy an hour ago. No idea what its about still. Its a bit larger than the older novels so won't be helping your bookshelf stay nice and even. Its also a bit pricy. B&N has it at $13, but under the B&N sticker it says its MSRP is $15. I'm hoping it'll be a good read at the least.
Not of this World
I will be waiting for the reviews. Shadowrun novels have always been hit and miss at best. With the 4th edition setting reboot I can't say that I'm optimistic when it comes to fiction.
Arcano-archaeologist Elijah knows that digging into the past can be its own reward—or peril. When he's hired to find an ancient map purported to lead to a mysterious location at the bottom of the world, his professional curiosity is roused. But his quest to simple get his hands on the map is more dangerous than he expected—even for a shadowrunner. He and his team of runners—including everything from a goblin rigger to a troll street samurai—follow a murky trail from the ruins of Chicago to the jungles of Amazonia. Along the way, they discover that they're not the only ones looking for this map—and that it may lead to a treasure even greater than anyone could have known. Elijah and his crew plan to get both the map and to its riches first—assuming they can survive one very dangerous road trip.
Agreed on the hit and miss of many SR novels. I'll probably grab it next week, but I'll be reading at "Parent Speed".
(Which is the speed you can read while swarmed by children. Slightly slower than ridiculously slow)
Seems it's not on Amazon yet.
QUOTE (hermit @ Aug 7 2014, 07:44 AM) *
Seems it's not on Amazon yet.

I've heard that B&N has some kind of publishing deal for this book. So it might be a bit of a wait before it shows up there.

Great. Let's see if they ship overseas ...

grinbig.gif They do. And charge like they send it to the moon. Fuck this shit.
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