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Full Version: Build help, pls! Decker/Rigger
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Hi all,

I'm looking at a SR5 game probably set in the 2050's. I think we are going to use the basic book stuff, and just handwave the equipment differences.

I'd like to build a character that's a great hacker, good drone master, and some hardware/tech skills.

I'm terrible at the new character generation system! What's your best shot at this guy?

Thanks in advance,

Can't really be done from creation. Look up the prices on cyberdecks, rigger control consoles, and control rigs. There just plain isn't enough money in even Resources A as a Prime Runner to be good at both. Technomancers can't emulate rigging anymore either.

The skillsets are pretty similar, though. The Pilot skills don't have a grouping, sadly, but Electronic Warfare is good for both, as are Hardware and Software. Down the road it is totally possible. Rigging is far and away the more resource intensive part of the equation right now, and honestly isn't nearly as much of a game-changer as decking.
It wasn't too difficult to do in SR4, but in SR5, deckers and riggers are basically their own special "character classes" again. You can combine them, but you will wind up with a second-rate decker and second-rate rigger, with little room for anything unrelated to those two demanding roles other than the bare basics.

If you do go this route, the best way would be:
A: Resources. You need a control rig, a command console, and a deck, along with a rigged getaway van and maybe a drone or two. It won't be as good as what a pure decker or rigger could get, but it's doable.
B: Skills. I would recommend Electronics as your five-point skill group. Then get the three hacking skills, pilot ground vehicle, gunnery - then see how much you have left to spend on other piloting skills, the armorer skill, or some mechanic skills. You might want to use your starting Karma for low-rated general skills such as etiquette, perception, etc.
C: Attributes. Anything less than A or B for Attributes is not good, but at least the two roles have some Attributes they both use. Get high Reaction, Logic, and Willpower, and maybe a halfway decent Intuition. Everything else, middling at best.
D: Metatype. Only two choices. Elf to give you a slight boost in Attributes, or human to have an Edge of 5.
E: Magic (mundane).
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