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Full Version: Up the Gravity Well-shadow talk
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ok, I was feeling pretty smug when I read this when it first came out and I picked up Nerva Beacon. but I now feel dim that I only just noticed some of the people listed in the shadowtalk section
Marvin(brain as big as a planet)
Gag Helfrom

and from another mythos.
Jago (almost missed him)
Vraxoin(dealing designer drugs?)
Li Hsen Chang(shouldn't he comment on magic?)
and lastly
Taren Capel (with cybernetics the phrase "you're not half the robot your father was" gets a whole new meaning.)

so did I miss any?(Rorvik looks familiar but I can't honestly place him.) Have any of you noticed a theme like above in other shadow talk sections?
(and no I'm not saying what the theme is, if you recognize the names I picked out you already know where I'm gonig with this. If you don't it won't help to be told)
Crimsondude 2.0
Wow. A SR author making in-jokes. What a novelty.
Erm... I don't get these... Marvin I get, the rest are lost on me. *shrugs*
crimson, it's not the in jokes. As I pointed out I was one of the first to pick up "Nerva Beacon" (I actually won the prize "a cookie for snowfox" ) but i was shocked how much I'd missed.
Now various on line entiites have shown up in the shadowtalk, but I was wondering if anyone else had hit these, realizing long after the depth of the in joke.
If i remember correctly wasn't Nerva Beacon from Dr Who? It was the epsisode with the wyrrn in it right? The upright wasp bug like things?

And Mawdryn was from Mawdryn Undead. Another Dr Who episode.
Also didn't the Doctor mispronounce Jago as Jason in the Ark of Infinity?

or was that the Ark in Space?
Right mythos, wrong adventure, Jago, was Henry Gordon Jago, owner of a theatre in late victorian London where much of the action in The Talons of Wen-Chiang took place.

You're quite right on Nerva Beacon, the same space station appeared in Ark in Space, Revenge of the Cybermen, and possibly The Wheel in Space. and is refered to in Sontarian Experiment .
I remembered Jago over the weekend.

I miss that show.

I used to be glued to it ANYTIME it was on.

In fact the Sontaran Experiment i think was the first episode i ever watched. I was 10. So i got in on the reruns of the 4th doctor while he was still making them back in 82.

The fourth doctor ROCKS!!!

Btw snow_fox did you have to dig our your program guides on that one or do you have the episodes on DVD? Cause if you did that from memory, you've got a better memory than me.
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