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Full Version: Name my PCs' runner team
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As I contend, monikers in the Shadow are earned, not chosen. My current PC group has played four sessions together and are starting to earn a little cred. I'm going to describe the group and I'd like you all to chime in with a name for the group you might call them, were you in the Seattle Shadows circa 2074. So far, the group's defining trait is it being made up of four Awakened (three Adept, one Mage) characters backed up by two Hackers. They have been regularly called on for specialist work against spirits, nasty artifacts, Adept groups, and other magical threats because of it.

Kaito - The de facto leader of the group, a veteran "security expert" skilled in stealth and intrusion. He's also handy in hand-to-hand. He's an elven "cousin" to the Yakuza, a regular contractor occasionally hired out to do their dirty work. Kaito is a humorless professional and at times has little patience for deliberation and hand-wringing.

Peacock - A fresh-faced hacker who spun her career off of mommy & daddy's college money. The Deus incident made her realize she had to take control of her own destiny, as an average life as an arcology lifer wasn't as safe as she thought it was. She is so-called Peacock because of her tendency to "strut" with pride after a pro hack.

Weasel - An aspected combat mage and otherwise working class schlub. When not making rent by dishing out manabolts, Weasel is picking up odd jobs with odd hours or blowing his paycheck at Auburn sports bars. He's a 'Runner by necessity, choosing it over a life of perpetual working-poverty. Has a tendency to drown out stress with substances.

Dancer - A very private technomancer trying to transition from a previous career as a drone rigger to a by-the-numbers hacker. Of the group, Dancer is the most jaded and is the "moral compass" of the group, if the mercenary's code is a set of morals. She still has a propensity to overutilize drones and vehicles to do her grunt work.

Soapbox - The greenhorn of the group. Soapbox is a sociology major by day, Adept ass-beater by night. She's the group's conscience and is always the first to raise concerns about someone's rights or a group's social dilemma. She is usually shouted down, however, by the rest of the group, which has largely embraced their status as professionals.

Lug - The trollbow. Like Kaito, he is a "cousin" of the Downtown Seattle yakuza, doing the occasional wetwork for them. Off the job, he lives a simple, almost ascetic life on the streets. Not terribly wise and usually impulsive, he can at times cause complications during delicate facetime on Runs, but none complain when the heat comes and Lug flattens the opposition.

Back to you, Dumpshock. Thoughts, opinions, potato?
Eight Bit
Plan B.


*sets 8bit on fire*
Eight Bit
Not again.
Soooo... Plan C is out? wink.gif

Joking aside, short of mercenary teams and a few special groups, most runners I have seen do not have a team name.

They have their own individual handles like you listed above of course, but if you are referring to the group as a whole you usually just refer to them via their Leader, so it might be Kaito's Crew.

If Kaito gets iced and say Dancer steps up to plate, then they become Dancer's Crew.
Hocus Pocus
change them all to females and name them

The hot babe brigade!
Or go by their main fixers name. For example in game I played a while back, we were still running with no team name at 200 karma. Used to be known by our fixer so in our case "Jester's Team".

We then eventually came up with "Critical Mass".
Sounds like a story there, omae.
We had a team called the "Raging Cocks". Had a coat of arms with a chicken clutching lightning bolts and everything.
Strange Urgency
QUOTE (Sparrowhawk @ Sep 17 2014, 10:31 PM) *
Back to you, Dumpshock. Thoughts, opinions, potato?

Lets see. Security expert professional, a pro hacker, a drunk mage, a techno-hacker drone gal, a hitter with a morality stick wedged somewhere, and an even bigger hitter, with a lot of yakuza ties.

I'd say.... the Scalpels. Its who you call when you need a bitch cut, or something professionally .. taken out. Equally people or items.
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