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Full Version: Shadowrun Companion?
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Just making sure before I purchase this one.

When people in this forum talk about Shadowrun Companion, is it "Beyond the shadows", or am I looking the wrong place?

Yes, it is. "Beyond the shadows" is the subtitle for the 2nd edition Companion.
So what I am looking for is just "Shadowrun Companion"?

It is for 3rd edition.
i believe so, it's got a picture of a woman in a tower with a bow and about to launch an arrow glowing purple
Ok *LOL*!!

I actually have to buy most of the 3rd. edition books from stores in other countries. All the major RPG stores in Denmark are out of stock and canŽt seem to get Žem in. Our very first SR3 game is on saturday May 15th and I canŽt get the GM screen anywhere here in Denmark. So, today I called a RPG store in England. They had all the books I needed except Shadowrun Companion. I guess IŽll wait for that. GM screen was in stock, so was Man & Machine and Magic in the shadows. Now I have all the basics (apart from the Companion)

The most important one is the GM screen. We are not using any of the source books yet. Gotta get the basics down first. GM screen is essential!!
Stats for all the pretty critters + lots of combat tables right in front of you = ESSENTIAL buy for any GM. Same goes with Character Dossier for players.

The Abstruse One
I just wish they had put the vehicle tables on the inside of the GM screen. I had to print all of them out and tape them to the inside frown.gif
I Eat Time
A note about the cover of Companion. Look in the bottom right or bottom left corner, the vertical sign on the side of one of the buildings. I says: KRIEGER

Being a ghoul in game, I am intrigued.
Wow. I am not alone in thinking that. Thank you internet.

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