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Full Version: ended up as gm, on the fly mission
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So i must have glitched on my negotiation test as a player and now i ended up as the gm. i had to pull a mission arc out of my four points of contact so this is what i have so far:

Gang has been growing in power enough to make other gangs notice and be concerned. so far players have discovered: the gang has some humanis backing (low end financial and with lab equipment) which lets them make drugs, they provide security for a street level clinic and get payed in 2nd hand cyberware (gives their enforcers an edge over some of the competition, and i already had the ganger doing security for a doc in my mind) , and some of their core members are semi awakened rejected from a wiz-gang for not "really" being awakened(a mix of spell knack and spirit knack).

As for possible stats/gear augments - this is tentative main enforcer Augments: all 2nd hand wired reflexes1,muscle replacement 2 and a spur. gear: ingram smartgunx , armored jacket, helmet and smartlinked goggles(based on halloweener LT stats). 5 second string muscle and caster body guards aug:2 have wired 1 other three have muscle replacement1 plus all have hand razors. gear armored vests, predators, smart link(base halloweener stats).

"Awakened" the idea i have is 2 spirits one air one water and 2 spell casters. I'm figuring dice pool to be:1 magic+ 3 or 4 spell-casting /summoning+2 specialty giving them a dp of either 6 or 7. 3 is supposed to be professional rating but when its only 1 spell or spirit i think they'd get better at that one thing quicker. No idea which spells though, anyone have an idea?

General gang gear; armored vests, light pistols, Remington room sweepers, couple of Defiance t-250 shot guns and maybe, just maybe one over watch position with a sports rifle.

Comments, concerns about the opposition or storyline. feed back ideas ect. as i said it was all pretty much on the fly and i started slapping things together.

It doesn't seem (please forgive my temerity) like much of a story so far.

Allow me to offer some ideas: if the opening mission is to bust up the gang, make it possible, and in fact not too hard to stomp over all the gangers they meet. Hey, victory! Except that they took out half the gang, and somehow word got back that they did it. The rest of the gang go squealing to Humanis, and now the whole team has (unbeknownst to them) Humanis as a specific, deliberate enemy.

Now follow it up quickly with something shiny to distract them: they have a rep! They beat up a gang! They're studs! A fixer contacts them with a mission - something not too terrible, but a tailchaser, perhaps. They need to knock over an inconvenient BTL dealer, but go loud so as to distract nearby authorities. Exciting! What they don't know is that it is NOT a tailchaser, the BTL dealer has Vory contacts, and they're being used as patsies for a different BTL dealer.

OK, now you have two kinds of drek headed their way. Good start. They should be celebrating their successes and newfound wealth, and you need one more run to really get them sucked in and overconfident. Don't bring in the Vory or Humanis yet - just let them stew a bit ...

Now they get a bigger, tougher run to do. The fixer butters them up like the sucker at a high stakes poker table. They meet a highly corporate Johnson who wants to engage their talent for mayhem and gets them to rob a warehouse and leave it burning (to cover up evidence, of course ... very generous of Johnson) for a nice fat sum - let's say NY50K, plus bonuses for destruction and property robbed and delivered. What they don't know, is that it's an Ares subsidiary warehouse and that a major VP of Ares is a substantial shareholder of the subsidiary. Now they have a new enemy.

Then they enter a fallow period. A couple of weeks. Time to train up, buy new goodies, look like the rich folks on the trid. Then a sudden attack on one of the more careless ones at home .... and the drek flies in faster than a troll-sized hole after free soytaco night at Stuffer Shack.

Sure, if they did their legwork they should know all this, and they can duck the consequences. But will they? Will they really? Time will tell ....
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