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Full Version: [SR3] Looking for Sr3 Characters
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Hey there!

Is there some kind of database available where player chars are uploaded with stats , brief history and such? I was looking for possible NPCs, hirelings, competitors or villains smile.gif that I wanted to include in my games or to check out some ideas and ways to build a character.

Also if somebody still has some NSRCG created chars that would be great!

Well, unfortunately McMackie's NSRCG and most SR3 characters were stored in the old Dumpshock archives, which no longer exist. However, if you know how to use the Wayback Machine, you can feed into it and access copies of the old info.
Hi there!

Thanks I found the page and downloaded some templates from there. Good start.
For others here is the link:
Is there anything for 4th Ed?
QUOTE (Mystweaver @ Oct 2 2014, 06:26 AM) *
Is there anything for 4th Ed?

Not officially, but we here on Dumpshock put together a Sample Character Archive for 4e/4.5 for people to use. Typically they're not as min/maxed as possible, they're geared more for simplicity and ease of use.
QUOTE (Mystweaver @ Oct 2 2014, 05:26 AM) *
Is there anything for 4th Ed?

UmaroVI also did some here, more powerful builds intended for Missions games. And here are some archetypes made using karmagen.

Two more: here is one converting the old SR1 & SR2 archetypes to SR4, and here is one of archetypes created using the Priority system.
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