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Full Version: Infos on the other Amazonian dragons?
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I just stumbled over the comment about the political unrest in Amazonia after the lost war in Shadow Grimoire which mentions the names of the other important dragons in Amazonia (Boiuna and M’boi)

Yet this is the first time I hear about them. Is there some more informations about them somewhere? The only thing I can gather from that entry is that M’boi is apparently a lindworm.
Dragons of the 6th World < = Book.
Ancient Files had a bit about all immoral elves and scales, but they are gone.
The ancient files aren't gone. Fatum is kind enough to host a mirror:

In answer to the opening question: M'boi is mentioned as a draconic legend in Running Wild, p. 81. Apparently an elder lindworm. I haven't heard of Boiuna before.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Oct 17 2014, 12:36 PM) *
...immoral elves...
Now there's a fun typo if I've ever seen one.
QUOTE (ProfGast @ Oct 19 2014, 08:45 PM) *
Now there's a fun typo if I've ever seen one.

it probably isn't a typo, at least, not in the sense of being an accident nyahnyah.gif
Clever simsense title.
QUOTE (Shemhazai @ Oct 20 2014, 10:31 PM) *
Clever simsense title.

not even my idea.
somebody here had/has that as his custom user title.
the normal titel is immortal elf after a certain number of postings.
but as you can see with me as the example, there are exceptions to that.
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Two dragons mentioned in Augmentation cybermancy section connected to Aztec. An eastern dragon and a feathered serpent, Chikoaze & Inti Jiwana
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